Uncommon Connections

Keynote Speaker:

Thom Singer, CSP

All opportunities come from people, and those few “uncommon connections” are the key to success.

When the message of human engagement is part of the conference, attendees can make connections that will impact their future.

Better Engagement

When people come together at a meeting there is incredible potential for growth. Harnessing the power of the human connections is not always easy, but when it all comes together is when the magic happens. It takes more than good content, and the speakers have to be active partners with the meeting planners and the audience,

Meet Thom Singer, Business Motivational Speaker.

As a keynote speaker Thom Singer combines upfront preparation with on-sight spontaneity. He has decades of marketing and leadership experience and with over 1000 professional keynotes for companies and associations, he understands how to speak to conference audiences. On his podcasts, “Making Waves at C-Level”, “Speakernomics”, and “The Digital Enterprise Society Podcast”, he has also interviewed over 1000 business leaders and entrepreneurs. Simply put, Thom gets people, and he wants to inspire them to engage, connect, and grow.

Featured Keynote Presentation:

“Uncommon Connections: Building A Stronger Inner Circle”

Adding one key contact to your inner circle is worth more than 1000 extra social media followers. The reality of “social distancing” was that we learned Human Connections matter more than ever.  All opportunities in life come from people, and those who understand how to make, grow and keep their business relationships find success in all economic situations.  We are stronger together.

All things being equal, people choose to do business with those they know, like, and trust. But not all relationships in your business or personal life are created equally. A like, link, share, or follow is not necessarily a powerful engagement.

The contacts with whom you build long-term and mutually beneficial relationships that impact your life are rare. These “Uncommon Connections” can be cultivated and should be cherished. This presentation is an action packed look at how to create business friendships, build trust, and create unlimited opportunities.

Thom was our opening keynote speaker and stayed on as the master of ceremonies for our annual conference. His program content and high energy were exactly what we wanted. The audience raved about his presentation. He made meaningful connections to our audience, and I could not have asked for a better emcee and host … We have already hired him to come back next year.

Diana Forbes

Director of Meetings, AWPA

Thom served in both an MC and keynote speaker capacity for three years at PLM World (a STEM association). Each year he added new stories and approaches, making his appearance new and compelling. We had a last minute snafu this year and we were left with no keynote. Thom did not hesitate and with only 15 minutes, came to the rescue with 40 minutes of material that was relevant and even customized to our audience. I highly recommend Thom for your next MC or standalone keynote speaker.

Wendy Holliday, M.Ed.

Executive Director, PLM World

Thom served as our “Conference Catalyst” at SailPoint’s first-ever Global User Conference. His approach to engaging our attendees and encouraging them to focus on person-to-person interactions at the conference was HIGHLY successful. The majority of our attendees felt it added a significant and unique “flavor” to the conference. I highly recommend Thom and his program for other user conferences.

Mark McClain

CEO & Founder, SailPoint Technologies

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A Podcast About “Making Waves” in Business.

Success leaves clues … and for over 600 episodes, Thom Singer has interviewed business leaders and entrepreneurs to explore the gap between potential and results. If you’re looking to boost your business or your career, you don’t want to miss the “Making Waves at C-Level” podcast (formerly the “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” podcast).