Business Motivational Speaker - Thom Singer is a Motivational Speaker, Keynote Speaker, and Master of Ceremonies. He delivers speeches for conferences and events of all size. He tells inspiring stories and that have immediate impact on audience members. He can be booked via your favorite speakers bureau or directly at
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Expert on Workplace Potential and Keynote Speaker

Thom Singer - Keynote Speaker - Motivational SpeakerThom Singer, CSP

Potential Does NOT Equal Performance.  Thom Singer is obsessed with getting people to take actions that lead to success. He has spent years surveying and interviewing people at all levels of career achievement. Individuals and teams cannot cross the gap between potential and results without plans, passion, and people. 

Bring Thom Singer to your next meeting and create a dialogue and inspire actions:

  • Understand how goals and planning are the foundation of success
  • Increase sales and leadership knowledge 
  • Create excitement for team engagement and maximize business relationships

The foundation of successful work comes from realizing your own strengths and weaknesses. Thom brings over 25 years of sales, marketing, and leadership to your conference as a business motivational speaker. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies, law firms, and entrepreneurial ventures. In his keynote, Thom teaches how to identify road-blocks and map a path to more effective performance.

The Paradox of Potential: Attain the Possible

“Potential Management”: Having high potential does not equal high performance. A large percentage of professionals do not feel they, or members of their team, are meeting their possible levels of success. Research has shown there is not one single thing holding people back, nor is there one answer to ensure a leap across the gap between potential and results. Your potential is reached through engaging in the RIGHT actions. Thom Singer is the Business Motivational Speaker who will share a mindset for growth while focusing your organization on the plans, passion and people needed for success.

Cooperative Significance: Being an Influential Leader at Work (and Beyond)

Most people want to feel significant: at home, at work, in their community, etc…. But you cannot feel significant alone in a field. You need others. A person can fake success, but they cannot fake significance. Discovering what is important and interesting to other people is more important now than ever before. This program is designed to educate and inspire anyone to make relationships a priority while learning to lead and influence others.

The New Networking: Connecting with Purpose

There is more to creating business relationships than “likes”, “links”, “shares” or “follows”. While the popular social media tools can make it seem like we have countless friends and business associates, it is real human engagement that leads to opportunity. It takes objective analysis and and intentional evaluation to get back to the basics of establishing connections that will lead to more success in business, sales, and life. As a Business Motivational Speaker Thom Singer is a leader in teaching people how to connect. This is not just “networking” – but real human connection.  

Master of Ceremonies/The Conference Catalyst

If the role of event host is a second tier priority, you may have second tier results. Set the tone for better events with Thom Singer as “The Conference Catalyst”. People attend live events for the networking opportunities, but often fail to make meaningful connections once they are present at the conference. This unique program will get people to engage more and maximize their participation. Thom keeps the event pace moving and the energy levels high from start to finish.

Thom Singer combines actionable content with a storyteller’s soul.

Thom Singer is an in-demand Business Motivational Speaker who brings focus onto building influence, unlocking potential, and driving performance. Having presented as a keynote speaker and /or a master of ceremonies for over 850 events, he has developed and engaging and interactive style.  He brings a mix researched content with a real-world humor that makes your event the “Best Conference Ever”.

Your audience doesn’t need another boring meeting or generic business keynote speaker. They need an experienced mix of ideas, story, and practical advice. Known as “the Conference Catalyst”, Thom Singer gets people to lean in and want to be part an active participant in the whole event.  He does not speak and run to the airport, but instead stays involved with your conference and gets to know your participants like no other speaker.

Thom is a high-energy keynote speaker, expert in human engagement, researcher on career potential, and author who empowers leaders in top organizations to navigate change and grow their business. A veteran sales and marketing executive, Thom is the business motivational speaker and master of ceremonies that is regularly hired by the cutting edge companies and associations. He will help make your whole conference memorable and thought-provoking.

His presentations cultivate conversations that continue long after the conference has concluded.


Learn more about Thom: (512) 970-0398

Business Motivational Speaker - Thom Singer is an inspirational speaker whose speaking engagements are high energy and content rich. Many associations and corporations who have worked with Thom Singer bring him back again for additional conferences and events.