Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do podcast with Thom Singer.

Influencer Marketing with Zach Benson

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Try Something New In Your Business

Get Creative and Try New Things Do you ever feel like your whole world is stuck in a loop of the same old things? If you want to get out of that rut you have to try something new in your business (and life).  This episode of "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" is about the...

Focus and Consistency for Entrepreneurial Success – With Rob Kaczmarek

This episode is co-produced with the Austin Technology Council, the regions largest tech industry organization who empower members by using insights, resources, and connections their members need to succeed and thrive. Rob Kaczmarek talks about focus and consistency, Rob is the managing director for projekt202 in Austin, Texas.

Creating Change with James Fell

Creating Change is not something that has to take forever. It is possible to have that moment when you decide everything will be different. Why wait? James Fell is the author of the book “The Holy Shit Moment”. He sits down with Thom Singer on the Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do Podcast to talk about change.

The Intersection of Sales, Marketing, and Tech

Episode 429 of “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” features a return visit to the show from Phil Gerbyshak. Phil and Thom Singer candidly discuss issues around the intersection of sales, marketing, and technology, and spend a lot of time unpacking the power of using LinkedIn.

Hiring Motivational Speakers

Most people enjoy watching and listening to a great speaker at a conference, but many wonder about hiring motivational speakers. How do companies find phenomenal speakers? And what is the reason some presentations inspire and others fall flat? Over the past decade Thom Singer has invested time learning his craft by observing those who take the stage. He created “Speaker College” in my own mind over 15 years ago, and he promotes anyone who is addressing an audience to “professor”. Learning from other speakers and how they connect with an audience has been paramount to his success.

FreshBooks Founder Mike McDerment

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Grow Your Business

As business owners we know this journey can be hard and lonely. Attracting new customers is the most important thing we can do, but it is easy to get lost in the weed of developing new products and services, meeting payroll, customer service, and serving existing customers.

CrewBloom Founder Brianna Carney

Brianna Carney started her career at a small startup which helped her to better understand how small organizations scale. She moved to Amazon which is where she experienced the impact leveraging the global workforce can have on an organization. She began to question why so many domestic companies are limiting themselves.

How To Find A Mentor

January is National Mentor Month, and this episode is dedicated to how anyone can go out and find a guide to help them with their career and their life.

Thom Singer has been fortunate to have several people who have helped him along the way in his career. He met these mentors through volunteering, at work, through professional associations, and via networking.