Welcome back to “Making Waves at C-Level”.  The podcast has been on hiatus for much of the last 6 months…but now we are back.

As I often teach…. we have to try new things. Thus for a while, I am stepping away from interviews, and doing short episodes with ideas and advice. Today I talks about leaders who pretend they are prefect and who lie on social media about how great they are (when you often know they are fluffing up their greatness). Real leaders can admit to mistakes. Real leaders do not need to lie or inflate their success.   What do you think?

I am seeing so many people on social media brag about how much they sell, how well they lead, how successful their company is doing, etc…. and often they are just lying.  During the pandemic I had speakers say to “post that you are working, even if you are not”.  That is just BS.  A real leader can lead without lying.