Executive Coaching in Austin, Texas


Executive Coaching for CEOs and Business Leaders.

If you are seeking executive coaching, there are many options.  It can be confusing and seem expensive. Results are what you want, but if you have never worked with a coach you may question if the whole idea is just silly. You already know you have potential, but is that enough? Plus, admitting you need help can be hard for career driven individuals.

There is a paradox associated with potential, as potential does not equal results. For most of us there is a gap between your potential and the results we are seeing in our careers. This is normal. When you spend too much time in your own head being worried about coming up short, you start a never ending cycle of not achieving all you can in your job and life.

Thom Singer has interviewed hundreds people about their “potential” and 70% admit they are not reaching their desired levels of success.  If this sounds familiar, then hiring a coach is a good idea to assist you in doing more. Successful athletes and actors would never dream of approaching their careers without a coach.  Why would an ambitious business professional not need the same level of advice and accountability?

You can continue along your current path, or you can work with someone to help you change your mindset.

If the “Paradox of Potential” is haunting your trek to climbing your corporate ladder, or if you are questioning if your ladder is against the wrong wall, call Thom Singer and see if his coaching program will be right for you.

No hard sell.  No long-term coaching contract.  Straight forward conversations for those who want to get un-stuck.

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Also, check out Thom’s group coaching option… “The Potential Mastermind Project“.