Podcast Guest Inquiry

Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do


Thank you for reaching out about being a guest (or getting your client placed as a guest) on “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do“.  I sent you the link to this page because you sent me a cold inquiry pitching to be on the show and I simply get too many emails from smart people wanting to share their information on my podcast.

I receive approximately five inquiries a day (during the work week, and even some on the weekends).  I produce two shows a week and get 30+ inquiries.  Thus, I am sure you understand this creates a problem and almost zero of the inquires do anything but pitch about the credentials of the guest (and nobody who sends a pitch ever touts they are not impressive) and never look at how to partner to help me in any way.  In my business I meet many interesting people who become amazing guests, so I am seeking people who want to create a win / win situation if they will be on my show.

With an overabundance of people wanting to be interviewed on COOL THINGS, I have traditionally just ignored all the inbound emails… but I feel that was not polite.

Being smart or having written a book is not enough for me to want to put you or your client on my show.  Every pitch talks about the guest. Nobody ever talks about how the guest will promote the show.  Plus my experience has been people who pitch me to be on the show never promote their episode (so they are thrilled to get to my audience, but have no desire to share the show with their audience).

In creating this page I am hoping to show you two paths to get my attention to be on the podcast.

  1.  Is the potential guest an entrepreneur who has grown a company to over 250 employees and is CURRENTLY running the company?  I have interviewed hundreds of solopreneurs (who are wonderful, I am a one man show), but am now seeking entrepreneurs that started a company and are still growing it.  If this is you or your client, send me and email that states in subject line “Guest Idea – 250+ employees).
  2. Promote my show on LinkedIn and one or two other social media platforms before pitching to be on the show.  I prefer guests who have listened to COOL THINGS and who think the program is worthy of sharing with their friends.  A simple post that says something like “Check out this business podcast: ‘ Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do’ is a show that interviews a variety of entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and other business leaders.. (then add something you personally think about the show).  Send me an email that says in subject line: “Guest Idea, and we have promoted the show on LinkedIn” and include the links.

I am not promising that either of these things will guarantee I will select you to be on the show, there still needs to be a match and I have to not have any problems with the type of business, etc…

Several PR professionals have told me that #2 is ridiculous. They get upset at the suggestion that they or their client should promote the podcast before or after being on the program.  True.  But I believe in win / win situations and why be on a podcast if you are not going to promote at least the episode which you are a guest? I am seeking people who want to be a partner as a guest.

Have a great day, and I look forward to having you on my show if we can make it work.

Thom Singer