Jake Pusch is a technology sales executive who has a passion for acting. Where many people abandon their dreams as they get into a career, Jake has found the time to make acting a priority. While working hard and finding career success in a tech company can be all consuming, he has made a commitment by taking acting classes, auditioning, and even working with friends to complete a short film.

It turns out there is a lot of similarities between being an entrepreneur and the life of an actor. Rejection and failure are common in both professions and there is the need to understand the other players around you and respond to them appropriately.

Jake the co-star of an upcoming short film called “The Agenda” (in which Thom Singer has a small role). In this episode Thom and Jake discuss the film and what went into making this project a reality.

Find more info about Jake Pusch on social media (including Twitter @JakePusch) or on IMBD http://www.imdb.com/name/nm7783425/. And search Facebook for The Agenda Film 2016 to view the movie once it is released.

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