Tim Storer leads strategic programs for Procter & Gamble, building ambitious organizations and creating collaborative external partnerships. He is also a board member for Siemen’s PLM World.

In this episode we talk about how attending industry events can be a “cheat code” for success in your business. Too often people struggle to reinvent the wheel, but those who are engaged with others in similar jobs, they can learn short cuts from each other. Tim has great advice for people who are going to attend events for the first time, as some people are naturally good at participating in conferences, while others are never noticed at all.

The ROI of attending PLM World, or any conference, comes from planning ahead for conversations. Think of the areas you need to learn and have questions in your mind so that you can better navigate any encounter you have with other attendees or vendors/sponsors.

Tim is passionate in his own career about innovating how organizations work and entrepreneurship in the corporate world. This episode is a must listen for anyone wh wants to find more ways to succeed in their job.


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