Colin Guinn

Episode 479 of “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” is an in-depth conversation with Colin Guinn.  You may know Colin from season 5 and season 31 of The Amazing Race (he and his wife Christie won $1 million on season 31 in 2019).  He is also credited with helping create the commercial drone industry.

Do you always look two or three steps ahead in business and life? Colin does. Check out this interview and be inspired.

About Colin Guinn

Colin Guinn is a serial entrepreneur and high tech product development expert. He is currently the founder of Guinn Partners, an autonomous robotics and emerging technology consultancy and investor. Prior to this, he founded Austin startup Hangar Technology, after serving as Chief Revenue Officer at 3D Robotics and founder/CEO of DJI North America. Colin has product developed, invented, and/or holds patents for some of the most popular drones in the world, including the DJI Phantom, Zenmuse Gimbal systems, the 3DR Solo, and several others. He is one of the most interviewed experts on robotics and drone technology in the world, and provides product development guidance to startups and Fortune 500 companies alike. He has testified on the subject of commercial drones in a congressional hearing, has been featured at premier industry conferences, and in countless top-rated publications and newscasts, including 60 Minutes, CNN, Techcrunch, Forbes, and Fast Company. During his career developing drones, Colin has had the opportunity to teach many of the world’s greatest technologists, artists and filmmakers about drones; including Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, Stephen Spielberg, Michael Bay, Carlos Slim, and countless others.

About Guinn Partners

Guinn Partners serves discerning clients in the drones & mobility, enabling technology and outdoor sporting goods spaces with best in class marketing and product development.

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