Davi Rhein sits down on his first podcast interview ever to talk with Thom Singer about life, love, business, self, and ayahuasca

Davi Rhein’s first podcast interview – recorded live at the New Media Summit.

This episode was recorded live at the New Media Summit in San Diego, California.  Davi Rhein is a Harvard educated economist who now helps professional athletes (and others) through body work.  In this episode Davi shares his journey. At 33 he sees the world in a unique way and is fully open to who he is in all aspects of his life.  He treats every interaction with any human as an opportunity to understand them and deliver value.

Davi is living his dream and exploring life.  We also talk about ayahuasca and his experiences with this medicine.  He lives his life publicly and his authenticity makes this a must hear episode.

Davi Rhein is a shamanic healer, speaker, and coach. He is empowering others by sharing conscious language, mindfulness, and healthy diet and movement practices, while also introducing new paradigms for relating with self and others, overcoming fear, and creating community. In his individual and small-group healing sessions, he utilizes a wide-ranging blend of Eastern and Western well-being strategies. He is a strong proponent of traditional plant medicines as a vehicle for spiritual evolution and physical and mental healing. He also teaches contact improvisation dance classes (www.dancingdavi.com) and performs a proprietary form of hands-on bodywork with his business partner Math Hunter. The two work together, in tandem with a single client, in sessions ranging from 4-10 hours; it is a full restructuring of the soft tissues and realignment of resting posture. The two work with both high performance athletes and with folks who are struggling with chronic discomfort and limitations in the body (www.dynamicrestructuring.com).

His mission is to raise the consciousness of the planet by challenging individuals to discover their power, take action, and explore new ways of healing and relating with others. He loves to reveal the unseen fabric of assumptions and expectations that has driven many to unhealthy lifestyle choices and self-defeating mental patterns.

Davi has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Harvard University and an MBA from UCLA Anderson. He served in the Peace Corps in Ecuador and spent three years studying the healing arts and traveling throughout Southeast Asia.

Davi came to his mission of healing through his own struggle with chronic pain as a competitive soccer player from age 8 until 23. Inspired by the healing treatments he received, he decided to dedicate his life to healing others.

Watch his TEDx talk here: bit.ly/drtedxucla

Learn more about Davi at https://dynamicrestructuring.com


Thom Singer is the host of the “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” podcast and the co-host of the “Digital Enterprise Society Podcast“.  He is a keynote speaker and professional master of ceremonies / EmCee.