Jon Jarrett is the director of engineering technology and
systems at Orbital ATK. When others say their job is not “rocket
science”….Jon’s job is rocket science.

In this episode Jon shares his successful career journey and talks
about how being entrepreneurial inside a job is key to success. He
has held a variety of positions in his career, and discusses the
importance of mentors and networking.

Jon is also on the board of PLM World. PLM World is an independent,
not-for-profit organization, with the mission of being the voice of
the user in providing an open forum for the exchange of ideas
within the Siemens Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Software
product environment.

Being involved in an industry group has proved to be paramount to
the success that Jon has found in his career. In this conversation
he talks about how he got involved, why he continues to be engaged
in the organization, and ways that attendees at the 2016 PLM World
Conference (or those attending any event) can maximize their

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