Michael O’Neal was guest number seven on the “Cool Things
Entrepreneurs Do” Podcast. He is continuing to do great things as a
leader in the world of podcasting, and his show is has continued to
be a top ranked business podcast.

In this episode Michael shares his thoughts on being a solopreneur,
and tells more of his own journey to success. He founded his
podcast as a way to reach people and talk with people in a variety
of industries. His show has not only become a core part of his
business, but it has opened up countless doors and allowed him to
build his network and brand.

It is rarely easy to be a solopreneur. There are many upsides, but
there is many tough parts as well. His efforts to reach success has
taken a long time. You cannot just create courses to get rich on a
new platform without having experience. Too many people jump on the
band wagon of Periscope (or other new tools) and try to sell
classes on how to get rich, without having ever gotten rich using
that tool.

Michael would not want to be launching a podcast in today’s
environment. It is so competitive, and it is hard to convert people
to listen in a world with so many people hosting shows. It is very
noisy out there. His show is about to hit the three year mark, and
the Solopreneur Hour now has nearly 3 million download (and is
growing). He wants people to know it is slow growth if you want to
reach success, and you need to honor what has come before (for
podcasts, it is old media: TV, radio, film, etc…). As the skill
sets of podcasters gets better, the more people will listen to

This is a great conversation that will inspire you to embrace your
own journey as an entrepreneur, solopreneur, or anyone with the
entrepreneurial spirit.

Check out this episode!