Rupert Boneham competed on Survivor a total of four times. He was the first contestant to compete in back to back seasons, first appearing on Pearl Islands and then on All-Stars. Out of his four seasons, he placed highest on All-Stars, earning himself the fourth place spot. He was also awarded one million dollars on Survivor: America’s Tribal Council after being voted the fan favorite.

Rupert was also a contestant on Season 31 of The Amazing Race. It was at the cast party and watching party for the finale that Thom Singer had the chance to meet Rupert and learn about his life long commitment to helping young people who are dealing with drugs and crime to get a fresh start in life.

After learning about Rupert’s Kids, the organization that was founded by Rupert Boneham, Thom knew he had to be a guest on the Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do podcast. And wow…. this is a great interview.

Rupert’s Kids is a is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that takes individuals who have recently been released from the correctional facility and helps them become active and contributing members of society. The mission of Rupert’s Kids is to empower our participants to discover their inner strengths, realize their own self-worth and recognize their value to society. Their participants face many obstacles from their previous life choices. They provide mentoring as well as the opportunity to learn work ethic, social skills, and life competencies for future success.

Check out episode 478 and hear how Rupert and his team have changed lives, inspired entrepreneurship, and help their community.

Also, hear about how he chased a dream to become a contestant on Survivor, and won $1 million.

Call Rupert’s Kids at 317-251-4732

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