Sam Elick Brain Juice


Sam is passionate about being on the cutting edge of human potential. He is a “natural” biohacker, always researching and experimenting with the latest knowledge relating to natural foods, supplements, fitness, and overall wellbeing. He finds excitement in continuously learning, experimenting, and sharing his findings with others through products and information. Sam holds a BS from the University of Texas, and an MBA from the Acton School of Business?an intensive entrepreneurship program taught by highly successful entrepeneurs. He currently serves as CEO of BrianJuice, and is a cofounder and board member of two other health and wellness startups in Austin, Texas.
The BrainJuice story begins when Sam was a college student, trapped in a cycle of bad habits that left him feeling depleted and foggy. He knew he wasn’t operating at full capacity. He wanted a healthy alternative to energy drinks and focus-enhancing drugs. Then, through his MBA program in Entrepreneurship, Sam met a biochemist named Peter.
With Peter’s knowledge of neurotransmitters and brain function, Sam decided to harness the goodness of real food with the power of science. Many rounds of ingredients and combinations later, he created the BrainJuice formula. Since then, his mission has been to perfect the formula by continuously updating the ingredients with the best food-derived sources available.
Check out this great interview with this dynamic entrepreneur in the consumer packaged goods space.  This is the first of a series of interviews over the next few months with entrepreneurs in the specialty foods and CPG industries.

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