ASAE's XDP - Thom Singer Motivational Speaker


Entrepreneurs need to try new things. Times change and the expectations from our customers morph over time. Finding ways to remain relevant and to provide unique ways to deliver our products or services are important in a world of change.

Thom Singer (who is an experienced Motivational Speaker – having presented to hundreds of association audiences) recently participated as a Table Leader in a special first time conference called XDP. This event was hosted by the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) in partnership with 360Live. Dozens of people donated hundreds of hours to create a two-day conference that would redesign many elements of live meetings.

Meetings are an important part of the world of associations. But the same event year over year can become stale, Yet, there are not a lot of options on ways to arrange an experience when bringing together large crowds at a hotel or conference center. But without exploration and trying new things, nothing will ever change.

ASAE undertook a new and exciting event with the Xperience Design Project (XDP). They took many things we expect at a live conference and turned them upside down. Most of the event was interactive discussions in small groups, and it all took place in once ballroom with a round center stage. From the moment participants entered the room, it was clear this conference was going to be different.

Thom Singer got to be a table leader, and the impact of seeing a major organization take such a big risk was inspiring. In your business, are you taking risks? Trying new things? Looking for ways to make your products or services more engaging for your customers? We can all benefit when we step out of our comfort zone.

Also, not everything at the event was perfect. Trying new things means that some parts may not work,… and thus some might complain (They certainly received some some negative feedback). But overall people were excited by what was new and unique, and next year they will build on the feedback.

This episode should make you think about how the XDP experiment could be inspirational for your own entrepreneurial journey.

Thanks to ASAE for letting me be part of this first time event!!!
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