Irené Turtle is a Leadership Coach, Facilitator and Speaker based in Los Angeles, California with clients nationally and internationally. She speaks on and holds workshops on a wide range of leadership topics.

Coaching and Consulting Experience


Irené provides Leadership Coaching and Consulting for Entrepreneurs and Executives. She focuses on working with technology and high-growth companies. Specifically, she helps her clients develop confidence and build on their communication, conflict resolution, delegation and team development skills. She works with teams on developing their mission, purpose and values, and helping them succeed as a cohesive unit byidentifying and maximizing their unique talents.


Irené is passionate about helping individuals and teams make significant transformations in their professional lives, which carries over into their personal lives. She has seen firsthand how focusing on and strengthening emotional intelligence creates star performers and has a powerful and positive impact on behavior, communication,, retention and productivity.


Business/Organizational Leadership Experience

Her experience at The Walt Disney Company before joining Acacia Research, a Pasadena based incubator in the early dot-com days, enabled her to develop her skills in training, talent acquisition and consulting to bring about lasting improvement inorganizations that value growth. 


Irené has over twenty five years of experience working with companies in technology, entertainment, consumer products, financial services, consulting services, healthcare, internet as well as non-profit and academic organizations.

Additionally, she has worked with career transition and redeployment issues and has been part of and led large change management efforts at a variety of companies. 


Education and Training


Irené has a BA (hons) in Social Psychology and apostgraduate Diploma in Management Studies (DMS) She is a PCC accredited coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Irené is a member of the National Speaker’s Association, is a Board Member of NSA GLAC and is active in ICFLA and other coaching networks

Irené was born in Ireland and particularly enjoys working with clients of different nationalities and cultures.

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