master of conversations - More than an EmCee

In the world of virtual meetings, you need more than a master of ceremonies.  You need a Master of Conversations.

In depth interviews are better than a talking head over PowerPoint.  This is why I co-created The Conference Talk Show and The Webinar Talk Show.  Your online events should be full of content, engaging to audience, and have an element of surprise as to what is shared.  Too often a speaker can deliver the same talk to every audience. When you employ the art of the interview to your virtual presentations, the whole event takes on a new feel.  The Master of Conversations as your EmCee means that your conference will never feel pre-recorded (even if parts of it have to be to ensure your delivery).

Together with Eliz Greene, I have done hundreds of interviews (live in-person) and on virtual stages. From hosting hybrid events (we hosted the broadcast of our first hybrid event in 2014 – we did not start this after COVID arrived). Additionally I have conducted over 1000 corporate interviews between my podcasts, The Webinar Talk Show, serving as EmCee, and live on stage panels and conversations.  Learning to ask the right questions and take the dialogue to new levels is a learned skill.

As your MC (Master of Conversations) we will work to get your experts to share actionable content, engaging stories, and keep the whole mood of your online event fun.

Do not try to host a virtual conference in the same way you would host a live in-person gathering.  The needs of the remote audience are different. To create an experience you have to re-imagine everything about how you deliver content and facilitate networking. Eliz Greene and I (together or select either one of us) will raise the stakes in engagement at your next virtual conference when we serve as your Master of Conversations.

Contact me TODAY to discuss how a Master of Conversations as your EmCee changes everything.


Thom Singer is a keynote speaker and professional master of ceremonies / EmCee.