(Play above video)  —  Thom Singer is an experienced virtual event speaker and virtual event host. He began as a virtual event speaker and master of ceremonies in 2015 when he co-founded the concept of “The Conference Talk Show“.   Over his 15 years as a speaker he has presented live for nearly 1000 conferences, and in just a few months of 2020 he has presented of hosted dozens of webinars, conferences, and online meetings.

If you are hosting a digital event and you realize that that an online experiences is made better with a high energy virtual event speaker or host, then visit www.ThomSinger.com and explore all the options of working with Thom Singer.

Thom is proud to have worked with several associations and companies to help them pivot from in-person meetings to delivering content in the virtual conference world. His experience with a variety of clients over the years means he has seem all types of events (in-person and virtual). He is never shy to share best practice ideas and help brainstorm ideas.

Virtual meetings are not just a broadcast live streaming of the in person agenda. The remote audience has very different expectations of engagement. A virtual event speaker must have the experience of presenting through the camera and getting participants to learn in and feel seen.  Audience participation and meaningful virtual experiences are key to an event that will not be quickly forgotten.

Virtual Event Speaker

What you want is a virtual event speaker and /or virtual event host who has experience and is working to do more than just master the technology. Thom Singer is both a Certified Speaking Professional and a Certified Virtual Presenter. He combines the use of compelling stories and researched content with his commitment to making a virtual presentation more than a talking head over PowerPoint.  The goal is to educate and engage the audience, not just show snappy graphics and other tech wizardry.

As a keynote speaker, virtual event speaker, online event host, master of ceremonies, emcee, or moderator, Thom is committed to finding ways to make the experience fun for all who are involved. He talks with the audience, not at the audience.

In addition, Thom is a great at interviewing people.  He has hosted over 600 podcast episodes, and has taken those skills to his virtual event speaker / virtual event host role.  If you have people who need to share their content, but are not yet experienced at speaking at virtual conferences, he can conduct in depth interviews, and help them share their message in a compelling manner.  This is not a skill that every speaker or EmCee can bring to your event.

You can reinvent the live conference and take it online. But not all presenters have experience as virtual event speakers or virtual event hosts. Thom Singer is committed to his role as a speaker.  He believes it is the speaker and the host’s job to set the tone for a memorable experience for all those watching the presentation (regardless of if it is live or online).


Thom Singer is a virtual event speaker, live keynote presenter, online event host, engaging MC, and  the host of two business oriented podcasts (with a third association podcast hosting job to soon be announced.

Virtual Event Speaker / Virtual Event Host - Thom Singer

Virtual Event Speaker – Thom Singer

Certified Virtual Presenter - Thom Signer - www.thomsinger.com

Certified Virtual Presenter