Connecting With People In A Gadget Crazed World

Thom Singer Connections

There is more to creating business relationships than a “like”, “link”, “share” or “follow”. While the popular social media tools can make it seem like we have countless friends and business associates, it is real human engagement that leads to opportunity. It takes objective analysis and and evaluation to get back to the basics of establishing connections that will lead to more success in business, sales, and life. It is critical that you establish long-term and meaningful relationships.

Thom Singer has been speaking about connections for 15 years.  Since the release of his first book “Some Assembly Required: How to Make Grow and Keep Your Business Relationships” in 2005 he has been a regular thought leader on how people network and engage in their communities.  All opportunities come from people, and while social media and digital connections are good, they do not replace human engagement.

If the people in your organization find the human side of business to be an important part of their success, then this presentation is a must have for your next meeting. This message will re-frame how people think about connections and show them ways to take actions that will lead to more opportunities.

All business is personal, but it takes time to establish meaningful connections. If you are not top of mind, then your competition gets the call for the next piece of business, and in our social media-crazy world, connecting with clients, vendors, peers, co-workers, and others is more complicated than ever before.

The quest for more productivity pushes us to increasingly use digital and social media tools to interact with others. With these ever-evolving changes in how we communicate, are we really better connected? While social media tools are great, it can remove the personal side of a relationship. Thom will lead a journey of exploration about how to maximize your brand and reputation in a world where everyone is looking at their electronic gadgets instead of looking other people in the eyes.

Learning Objectives:

  • Become focused on the ROI of your networking activities
  • Assess the real benefits of networking and social media (beyond a “like”, “link”, “share” or “follow”)
  • Identify methods to follow up with people you meet in business situations
  • Determine how to make the right choices in allocating time to people
  • Evaluate ways to strengthen connections that lead to mutually beneficial referrals