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Deliver Your Message.  Clarity and Confidence for Business Leaders

Executive Speech Coach Austin - Thom SingerPresentation skills matter. Business professionals who have to speak to investors, employees, customers, and others need to ensure their public speaking is polished and natural. Those who can present with confidence are able to influence others. Those who stumble and ramble can easily go down a rabbit hole of mediocrity. Worse still are those who fumble and ruin their chances to convince their audience.

When you take the stage you want the audience to relate to you and listen to your point of view. Speaking is not memorizing, and contrary to current buzz, it is not about “Storytelling”.  While being able to tell a good story is part of what you are seeking, it is only a piece of speaking. You need the audience to trust you, while connecting with your message. A great speaker makes a case, while doing so with the right level of style and energy on stage.  Thom Singer will work with you as an executive speech coach to get you ready for your next big presentation.

Why Choose Thom Singer As Your Executive Speech Coach?

Thom has spent nearly 15 years speaking professionally to corporate and association audiences. With nearly 100 live audiences and 600 episodes of his two podcasts, he is committed to the art of spoken word. Thom has studied the great orators and realizes there is not one single way to be a great speaker. He is a good listener who will look for your natural abilities and help you find ways to express yourself no matter your audience.

As your executive speech coach, Thom Singer will challenge you. He will watch you speak, live and / or on video and provide you with the constructive and necessary feedback to get you ready to grow as a public speaker.

Thom only coaches executives and business leaders. He does not work with professional speakers / members of NSA or market a “how to get rich as a speaker” course.  This coaching is only available for CEOs, lawyers, bankers, entrepreneurs, etc….

When selecting an executive speech coach you have to know what you are seeking and why it matters.  Before contacting Thom or any other coach, look at this Inc.com article on the 17 Questions To Ask Before Your Hire A presentation Coach.

Contact Thom at 512-970-0398.

Executive Speech Coach Austin, TX (or beyond)

Coaching available in person in Austin, TX or online.  Thom is also available to come to your city and work with you and your team on a two-day intensive public speaking skills training.


Thom Singer is a keynote speaker and corporate master of ceremonies / EmCee.  He is the author of 12 books and the host of business two podcasts.