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Executive Presentation Skills Coaching – Austin, Texas, with Thom Singer

PRESENTATION SKILLS Austin: Thom Singer is a professional keynote speaker and the author of “The ABCs of Speaking” who is dedicated to helping business owners and executives improve their public speaking skills. There are types of presentations that professionals must deliver over the course of a carer. However, anytime someone has to give a talk, they should want to ensure they do a good job.

It is called “giving a speech”, which means your presentation is a gift to the audience. When speaking in public you should take the attention off of yourself, and make sure that your actions before, during, and after the speech are done to get the audience engaged. Connecting with your audience is what will set you apart from the average speaker. While content matters, a whole talk about data, without the human element and use of stories will boer people to death.

Never “Wing It”

A good presentation is one that has been planned out. Amateurs “wing it”, professionals prepare. Effective presentation skills do not happen by accident. Very few professional speakers deliver a talk without having a clear understanding of who is in the audience and what they are there to convey. Purpose is key to a great speech.

The best performers have rehearsed their performance. You would not go to see a Broadway play the first night the actors received their scripts. A touring band never plays music they have not presented in the garage. Likewise great speakers practice presentations long before they arrive at the event.

Opening Ceremonies

One of the key points that Thom Singer teaches his clients is now to start their presentation. The first few minutes of a talk is when many in the audience make a decision if they will pay close attention or zone out during your speech. How you begin makes the most important impact. Yet most speakers start by reciting their credentials (even if they bio was read to the audience as they were introduced). Somewhere along the line people were told they had to prove credibility in the beginning, so they drop all types of resume items. Meanwhile the audience zones out.

Thing of why the Olympics put so much time and money into the opening ceremonies. During this part of their two week long event the whole world tunes into watch. We all remember the amazing spectacle that launched the games in China, but lesser opening ceremonies get forgotten. The same thing is true for speakers. Invest the time in crafting the right story to kick off your speech and you will be remembered. Your best presentation skills center around how you open and close your speech.

Getting Past Fear

The fear of public speaking is one of the biggest fears most people face. Jerry Seinfeld has a funny line about people being more scared of speaking than of dying, which means they would rather be in the casket than deliver the eulogy.

If you are nervous about speaking, Thom can work with your to pay attention to what triggers your animosity. Speaking is a learned skill, and even the most seasoned professionals get nervous before a talk. The difference is that they have more experience dealing with the butterflies. The fear need not be eliminated, but you have to learn how to work past the fear and harness the energy of your emotions. Fine tuned presentation skills make it easier to take the stage.

The Little Things

If you want to improve your presentation skills you have to pay attention to several little things. Bear in mind that eye contact, vocal variety, hand gestures, body language, movement on stage, and visual aides alone do not make the speech. When done well they make a good speech great. If done poorly they will make the audience reject even the best content.

Gaining the audience attention is something everyone can learn to do. Getting people listening is harder in a world where everyone is on their phone, and that is why you want to invest in presentation skills training and go get experience on stage. To be a great speaker means you have to have tried to get better. Being just “okay” is not fair to your audience.

Work With Thom Singer

If you are in Austin (or beyond, much of the coaching can be done via video conference), and are seeking presentation skills training for an individual or a whole team, let’s have a conversation. Thom is happy to answer questions, and he will customize a coaching program based on your needs.

Make all your company meetings better. Train your employees on the basics of public speaking. Better presentation skills help people achieve more and get promoted. Thom Singer has a great program for your company’s annual team meeting. Get everyone to understand that even in a digital world, how we engage with people makes a lasting impression. Those who speak well are often the ones in line for promotions. Level the playing field for all your people.  Presentation skills are the secret weapon for career advancement.

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