Collectively, Ryan Jeffery and Arman Ghosh have started a dozen companies and advise hundreds of entrepreneurs. They build businesses that solve real world problems, and equip entrepreneurs with the knowledge and guidance to succeed. Ryan has worked in both venture capital and as an operator, and Arman has built and led some of fastest growing sales and ops teams. They’ve been working together for the last 5 years behind the scenes of major companies, helping to launch Belly and, more recently founding 11 Roniin.

At 11 Roniin, they set out to create a better ecosystem to build companies. Together, they have built a platform that can efficiently bring ideas to market in volume and provide the best entrepreneurs with the resources they need to be successful. 11 Roniin supports these companies through a detailed, execution-focused strategy that allows their companies to leverage the best engineering, sales, marketing and ops resources to grow.

Through 11 Roniin, Ryan and Arman built a growth agency called RocketLaunch to support the startup community, which helps world changing companies grow through a comprehensive growth strategy that integrates sales, marketing, and product. Additionally, they also founded and support a philanthropic focused agency called GrowthPanda that looks to connect NPO’s to corporations to create a mutually beneficial partnership to better the world.

Ryan and Arman are a passionate duo that is changing the world for the better, one company at a time.

Connect with Ryan:

Twitter: @RyanCJeffery

Connect with Arman:

Twitter: @armanghosh
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