Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do podcast with Thom Singer.

Energetic NLP with Art Giser

Art Giser was awed by how many people could transform their lives using NLP, and he was awed how people could transform their lives using transformative energy work, intuition development, and spiritual development.

Peace and Harmony with David Adelson

On episode 562 of “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” Thom Singer sits down with David Adelson of the Peace And Harmony Company. In this episode, Thom goes beyond his comfort zone into a conversation about Quantum Physics and other ideas around consciousness and energy.

Spiritual Scientist – Susan Kennard

Episode 561 of “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” goes to the world of spiritual healing, mind, body, and love alignment. If your soul is calling you to connect more to source, you will want to hear from Susan Kennard.  She had a regular job, but had to give it up to go on a new journey.  Thirty years as a therapist attracted her to help people to clean up their energy field and look closely at their inside world to find more success.

Eye Glass Entrepreneur – Felix Gray CEO David Roger

David Roger is the CEO and Co-founder of Felix Gray, which pioneered the Blue Light glasses space and is still the leader in the category. The company’s mission: empower people to live happier, healthier, more productive lives in today’s screen-filled world.

Thought Leadership and PR with Melissa Anthony of anthonyBarnum PR

Episode 569 of “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” is co-produced in partnership with the Austin Technology Council, the largest tech industry organization in Central Texas. ATC empowers members by using insights, resources, and connections so their members can succeed and thrive. This episode is an in-depth interview with Melissa Anthony of anthonyBarnum PR. Check out this conversation about thought leadership, PR, entrepreneurship, and Austin.

Blissful Millionaire with Moneeka Sawyer

Episode 558 is a great chat with Moneeka Sawyer about how to follow your dreams. She never wanted to be trapped in a job, so early on she started real estate investing. Her dad had told her “everyone has money issues, do you want rich people money issues or poor people money issues?”. But she did not want any money issues, she wanted it to be fun. Thus she designed her life so she could enjoy it.

Retail Stores And The COVID-19 Crisis with Amy Saldanha

. As we all deal with the impact of COVID-19 and "Social Distancing", retail stores are heavily impacted.  In many cities and states non-essential stores are having to close their doors and look for creative ways to survive.  In this episode Thom Singer has an...

Reinvention with Ian Lobas

Episode 547 is an in-depth conversation with Ian Lobas about change and reinvention.  We all face change, and how we jump in and embrace it helps us get to new highs.  Ian is a perfect example of doing this and finding success. . A successful Entrepreneur, Real Estate...

Special ACG Austin/San Antonio Chapter Episode – with Lisa Fullerton

The speaker for the March 31st Association for Corporate Growth luncheon in San Antonio was to be Lisa Fullerton, President and CEO of A Novel Idea.  Because of the COVID-19 situation, ACG Austin/San Antonio had to cancel their live events for the short term, but they wanted to ensure they could still provide content to their members and extended community.