What is Clubhouse?
As we kick off 2021 I wanted to do a short podcast episode about “What is Clubhouse?”  (Check out their website to learn more)
The new social media app is an “audio drop in community” that is still in beta testing, but is taking on the time and attention of people of all ages, races, religions, countries of origin, etc….  It is a place to go and listen, learn, and share.
I spent a week checking out the new app, and asking “What is Clubhouse”?   Clubhouse has put the “social” back in social media. The problems with most social media tools these days is they are not organic.  The early days of Twitter it was very social and people met and made friends.  Twitter is mostly a broadcast app (one way communication) and not a place for real conversations.  But Clubhouse is allowing people to engage and make new connections with interesting people.
The greatest part is that the people there are not worried about things that divide, and are focused on learning and connecting.  Human connections are happening in Clubhouse.  So what is Clubhouse?  It might be the new club that many people have wanted and Facebook and Twitter abandoned.  I am not sure.  Only time will tell.
I was in a room the other day having real deep discussions with people I may have never met in any other forum.  Poeple of all beliefs, backgrounds, races, career lanes, etc…. are connecting.
Will the good part of Clubhouse last?  I doubt it.  Algorithms are the way of these apps and echo chambers of like minded people become the norm.  I hope the founders of Clubhouse can keep up this organic community, as it is inspiring to cross paths with such diverse souls.
The downside is it can be a time suck.  I have limited my time on the app, but some admit to 8 to 12 hours in a day of being in rooms.
I see it like a great way to brainstorm, have access to really smart people, and to share.  What is Clubhouse?  Maybe it is a mastermind group.
Thom Singer is a keynote speaker and master of ceremonies / EmCee (virtual and in-person) and the host of four podcasts (including the National Speakers Association’s new “Speakernomics” podcast). For information soft skills training, visit the SCULPT DEVELOPMENT website.