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So much has changed in the few months since the quarantine began.  Being a virtual keynote speaker was not something most people had done, and now every professional speaker is a virtual expert.  Thom Singer has presented and hosted over 50 online events in six months since March 2020.  Call him right now if you want to explore options for your online event.  512-970-0398.

There are many reasons why a company or association might seek a virtual keynote speaker.  Many organizations are hosting online conferences, there might be cost issues, or events could be canceled because of an emergency situation (like Corona Virus).  If you are facing a need to bring in a speaker to present virtually, Thom Singer could be a great option.

A virtual keynote speaker is not simply a “webinar”.  Much like a breakout session is not the same as the plenary general session, the “virtual keynote” has to be an engaging experience. People have a lot of choices of where to put their attention, and replacing the live conference keynote with a virtual option means that you have to capture the eyes and ears for the whole time.

A virtual keynote can happen for many reasons:

Live Audience – Virtual Keynote Speaker

In the age of digital communications, technology, and video streaming, there may be many reasons not to fly a speaker across the globe. Maybe the speaker you want cannot physically be present, the airlines cancel a flight, or there another reason – and the speaker will be presenting from a remote location. Not every speaker can take their stage presence and energy to a live video talk.

Live speeches will always be better to a live audience (people are wired to share experiences and watching a person on video is not nearly the same as being in the room where it happened), Yet if you are having a virtual keynote speaker you will want to make sure they have done this before and are comfortable on camera and can transmit their personality along with the data.

Virtual Keynote Speaker – Virtual Audience

Virtual events are more common now than ever in the past. Many organization are finding success in having day-long content right online events. And as large gatherings and conferences around the world are being canceled in early 2020 because of concerns around Corona Virus, many organizations are looking for ways to keep their audience connected even when the physical event cannot happen. Hosting a web-based conference with keynotes and breakout speakers being shared via a digital platform is not as easy as it sounds. There is a need for intense planning and compelling speakers.  Also an event EmCee can help keep people engaged.

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Hybrid Conferences – Virtual Keynote Speakers

Many organization broadcast their live main stage speakers to a remote audience (for a fee or free), but do nothing more than steam the video. The best Hybrid events have a Conference Talk Show style host and plan to keep the remote viewers engaged. Too often the speaker

s on the stage are not at all concerned or aware of the remote audience.  If you are hosting a hybrid conference, be sure you value that audience out of the room as much as the people who are physically present. Thom Singer began working as a virtual emcee six years ago, and was ready to jump in for a variety of clients when meeting had to move online in 2020.

Emergency Virtual Keynote Speaker

If you found this page because of a situation that is causing you to quickly make decisions to have a virtual keynote speaker, call Thom Singer now for ideas.  Even if he is not the right speaker for your audience (Thom has several topics that might fit into your agenda, and he has the experience and energy to engage your participants), he still wants to see your event be a big success.  He will happily give you his ideas and advice, and connect you with speakers on a variety of topics who can jump in as your virtual keynote speaker. There is no charge for this “consulting”, as if you are facing a situation because of some unplanned outside situation, he understands the pressure you are under to find a solution (Thom is married to an event planner… so he knows the stress).

Thom also has a pro-level Zoom account that could be utilized as the platform to stream a speaker to your audience (live or virtual). If selected as your speaker, he can also serve as your virtual keynote speaker and the producer of the stream for himself and other speakers.  If not your speaker, he can be hired to run the broadcast.

Share Your Ideas

This ideas of a virtual keynote speaker is still new and there are no clear guidelines as to what a meeting planner should do to make a streamed presentation as powerful as possible. Thom Singer would like your ideas and thoughts.  He can be reached by phone (512-970-0398) or email (


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Thom Singer is a keynote speaker and corporate master of ceremonies.  As a speaker or EmCee he combines a robust mix of actionable content with a high-energy delivery style. He is the author of twelve books on the power of business relationships, networking, presentations skills, legal marketing, and entrepreneurship. He is also the host of the popular “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do Podcast”. Thom inspires audiences to move beyond the superficial connections of “likes”, “links”, “shares “ and “follows” in our social media crazy world and re-embrace the long-term and mutually beneficial relationships that lead to more business.

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