Workforce Development Speaker For Real Actions

Workforce Development Speaker - Thom Singer

Workforce development is not a single thing. Finding a workforce development speaker therefore is not easy. A business owner cannot simply have an on-boarding process and assume they have trained their team. People are complex and if you are serious about workforce development programs there is not a single fix. No one workforce development speaker will impact all you want to change. Over the long term a company must be looking at many ways to inspire people, conduct specific job training, and attract the right candidates from the labor market.

As a speaker, Thom Singer brings a unique career development conversation to your next company meeting. Thom can be used as a motivational speaker or a skill development trainer, depending on the focus of your education and training event.

The Paradox of Potential

After surveying and interviewing over 500 people, Thom Singer created the “Paradox of Potential” content with the needs of CEOs and managers in mind. It is tempting to find a one size fits all development system, but these types of mass produced training classes lack the spark that is needed to inspire employees. As a workforce development speaker he will lead an interactive presentation that allows participants to help guide the content.

Potential is great, but potential alone does not equal results. The your workforce is not one thing. You are firing people and that means there are no cookie cutter solutions. The workforce development strategies that work are those that are customized. A speaker who fails to survey the audience will not produce any change.

Motivate Your People To Take Action

Do you have issues with the people you hire not having enough ambition? This is a common complaint from managers. The problem might not be in the state and local job seekers in your area. It many simply be you are not having the right conversations. Often line employees say that nobody in their life has ever asked them what they wanted to accomplish in a career. Most feel they have more potential. They reaize they are not performing at their capacity, but do not feel they have anyone to confide in about their situation. Who wants to tell their boss they are not doing all they can?

Thom Singer’s program gets people talking about the gap that often exists between potential and performance. Make workforce development a participation sport and get the conversation started for your employees. Get them excited to make a new start at taking actions by having Thom Singedre as the workforce development speaker at your next event.

Hit A Reset Button In Your Employees

After this program it is common for people to talk to co-workers and supervisors about what is holding them back from accomplishing more at work. The stigma is gone, and the culture of your team becomes one of looking for ways to help others map a path. When your workforce development speaker touches the heart of employees and gets them to want to reset their careers, good things happen.

Nobody will ever reach their full potential, as potential is not static. As we all move through life we get more potential as we learn and grow. The problem with most workforce development presentations is they claim to have the answers to solve the problem. There is an assumption that your whole team is a single person with one flaw. Not true. A team of 20 can easily have sixty or eighty things holding people back, and there is no fast fix.

Workforce Development Should Be Fun

Thom Singer is a workforce development speaker who will bring researched content mixed with a high-energy and fun speaking style. You want motivational content in your workforce development training, as the opposite of motivation is not a good thing. Yet most programs end up sounding like some local government job center office seminar.

Thom brings engaging stories, interactive conversations, strong positive energy, and a real understanding of what it means to be an employee in a big or small company. People do not want to be lectured at by some guru. Your people want to have a real and meaningful conversation about careers and success.

The Right Speaker For Your Industry

Thom Singer has presented to over 900 audiences in a career that has spanned thirty years. He is old enough to remember a time before computers and smartphones, but has embraced all the new technologies that have come along. As a “Gen Xer” he is one of those key professionals who can unite a diverse generational audience. Much is written about millennials, and how to engage them, but there is more to workforce development than doing what millennials claim to want. We always need to approach all training with the intent to engage a multi-generational workforce (plus no one generation is really a single unit anyway).

Thom has presented in almost every industry, including manufacturing, technology, healthcare, sales, law firms, etc… His message is for humans who desire to get more done and contribute to the success of their companies. If you employ real people, and are not stuck on labeling everyone, then Thom is the right workforce development speaker for your meeting.

Thom Singer is a motivational speaker and professional master of ceremonies / EmCee. He is the host of the “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” podcast (a long running entrepreneur podcast with over 500 episodes) and the author of 12 books.