Employee Meeting Speaker - Thom Singer. Company Meeting. Employee Training. https://thomsinger.comIt recent months I have been speaking at a lot of employee meetings. Over the past decade I had seen most of my speaking engagement trending toward industry association meetings. The association world is a wonderful place to be a speaker (and they have a lot of meetings), But in the past 18 months with my “Paradox of Potential” program, it is companies that are hiring me to seek to their team members.

Employee training is an important thing for companies of all sizes. When people sneer at their place of employment, a reason is often the lack of training and development. A large corporation and small business both are only as good as the people they employ. I have been lucky to be speaking for sales teams and whole company meetings in organizations where the people love their jobs.

The fun for me in working with companies is the ability to go deep with the audience and customize the content. Getting employees to share their thoughts, and then morph the presentation in the middle of the staff meeting is an exciting challenge. When having to be flexible with the direction of the presentation, it allows me be more playful with the audience.

Some companies only utilize outside resources for large annual employee meetings, while other companies do it in a more informal monthly meeting setting. The good news is that either type of meeting can be effective. I like to share information in a manner that works for the organization. Each client is different, and the needs of their employee meeting is never like that of another client.

My programs center on creating a culture where people focused on how to manage their potential. This is both the potential of individual and the team. It is fun to create discussion topics that get people to engage and openly share ideas that help each team member find their own path toward getting across the gap between potential and performance.

Effective staff meetings require interaction. The bad news is too many employee meetings are a one way data dump. I like to get everyone talking and sharing. This is why people like the subject matter in the “Paradox of Potential” and are willing to share their opinions.

If you are planning an employee meeting, I want to talk with you. I am experienced enough (after ten years in the business) to know I am not going to be the right fit for every company. However, before you make a decision, let’s jump on a discovery call.

Thom Singer is a corporate speaker and event emcee. He is the host of the “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” podcast and the author of 12 books. To book Thom to speak at your next employee meeting, call him at 512-970-0398.