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It is common that employees need motivations. People feel stuck and that limits the effectiveness of your whole team. Effective employee training is something that dynamic companies do on a regular basis. Educational programs and learning and development courses rank highly for employee satisfaction.

Thom Singer is has over a decade of experience speaking at company meetings. He has presented employee training and development programs for companies of all sizes. He is an expert on human potential, and has interviewed hundreds of people about the gap between potential and performance. The “Paradox of Potential” workshop is an ideal way to hit the reset button for those on your team who need to move across that chasm.

Focus on Results

Your biggest problem is employees who are not currently aware of what is holding them back. As a whole we do not get excited in our society about examining our flaws. We tend to look past them, especially the smaller ones. Even bosses do not want to point out some minor issues, and that limits our ability to have effective training results.

Thom Singer’s unique focus on the management of potential gets people excited to figure out how they can move forward and get more of what they want in their job. This is action based training, and is a customized hybrid of skills training for the individual and the team as a whole.

Real Actions

What is everyone on your team could, at their own pace, navigate a path across the gap. We do not need to have 100% of the people achieve everything. However, when most of your people can implement small actions, the combined effect impacts the bottom line. A slightly higher level of performance from one person is nice, but we see it add up fast when everyone buys into the concept of managing their potential.

All learning experiences are different, and the types of employee training programs vary from company to company. This workshop is meant be an interactive discussion. Each person will be asked about the roadblocks that impact individuals in your industry. That will become the framework the uncovering of solutions. This is not fill in the blank manuals with unrealistic role playing.

Potential is a Paradox

We get very excited about the potential of our employees. We hire Beck and we jump up and down about her background and experience. She has potential. But so what. Have you ever seen team member with potential not succeed. A year later you are transitioning Becky out of the company. Yet why? She had potential. But did she get the right kind of employee training and support? Maybe or maybe not.

Potential does not equal performance. This program will strip away the ability for anyone on a team to stick their head in the sand or point fingers. It is a beginning to an ongoing conversation about the gap between potential and results. It allows people to not be ashamed or hide their own roadblocks, as they understand everyone has them. Even your peak performers have issues.

Create A Map

Thom Singer has surveyed hundreds of people and most admit to not reaching their highest levels of performance at work. Some feel lost, but do not feel comfortable admitting this to their co-workers or bosses.

More people than ever feel lonely. We live in a world where we have more tools to be connected than ever before, and yet people feel invisible at home and in the workplace. Employee engagement is a secret weapon to giving people a feeling of place. This program is not just a training session, but it guides people to find their plans, passion, and people to help them be there best.

One CEO of a large healthcare organization told his people after the workshop “This is not just about work, the advice here should be about your life, too”. Teaching people to identify and manage their potential is a strategy for success. Your company should be providing more than job training if you desire your people to feel connected to the company as a community.

Can’t Be Done Online

The most effective employee training cannot be done online. Some companies what to save time and money by having people click their way to education. But humans are not their best in a cubicle with a mouse. We need each other. An interactive employee meeting is going to build the company culture more than distant learning.

Online training has its place. It is great for compliance issues. But an online course cannot get people talking. Employee learning is at its best when it is interactive.

Hire Thom Singer

If you are planning a company meeting and you are looking to inspire your team, hire Thom Singer to present “The Paradox of Potential”. He will make your employee training more than a meeting. He will make it an event that is the start of an ongoing conversation that will help everyone cross the gap between potential and performance.


Thom Singer is a motivational speaker and event emcee.  He is the host of the “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” podcast and the author of 12 books.  He regularly speaks at company events, sales meetings, and association conferences.