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Closing Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker Thom Singer Sets The Tone For Your Next Event

Choosing the closing keynote speaker for a conference is one of the most important decisions a planning committee will make in setting the agenda.  Too many events fizzle out in the final hours as people leave early to catch flights and the remainder of the audience is in a state of information overload.

Keynote speakers set the tone for corporate events and association meetings. There is more to selecting your opening keynote speaker, breakout session speakers, and closing keynote speakers than just filling slots in an agenda. Business professionals have come to expect speakers who do more than share information (the age of the “Sage on the Stage” is long gone). Conference audiences want dynamic, engaging, and entertaining speakers who also have a high level of knowledge.  Being smart is important, but it is not enough.

What if there was a program that could remind people of the exciting information they discovered over the past few days while motivating them to keep in touch with other attendees whom they met at the event. Not a speech, but an engaging and fully interactive group conversation that would send them home full of enthusiasm.  Would they be more excited to return next year is the last session was experiential?

The Conference Catalyst

Thom Singer is known as the “Conference Catalyst” and has been an opening keynote speaker for nearly a decade who specializes in setting the tone for the events.  But what about the closing speaker?  He realizes that the closing keynote speaker is just as important as who begins the conference. He has created an interactive session that summarizes the conference and allows the audience to create plans to implement learning and determine the best ways to follow up and keep in touch.

Every group is different, so this session is highly customized to your conference. If you are looking to do more than have a speaker talk at your audience in the final hour of your conference, put Thom Singer on your short list for the closing keynote speakers for your next event.

Destination Results (A Dynamic Interactive Closing Keynote)

The final session of a conference is paramount to the lasting impression of the event. Leave your audience with an interactive discussion about the high-level learning and community participation that they encountered over the previous days.  Put Thom Singer in control of wrapping up your conference with a message of how to keep the conversations going once everyone returns to their offices and daily routines.  Learning without action is just lecture. Networking without follow up is just a party.  Your conference was more than fluff.  Ensure each person has a road map for implementation of success. The closing keynote speaker leaves a lasting impression.

Thom will do more than deliver a canned presentation as your closing keynote speaker. Instead he will recap various parts of your conference and weave together content from other speakers. His comedy background allows his conference summarizing to be a unique combination of important and fun.  He will  challenge the audience to take action on the information they learned. His final words will show them how to follow up with their new networking connections. Finally, he will get them all fired up to return the following year.


Call now to book Thom Singer for your conference.  He is a great choice as your closing keynote speaker, opening keynote speaker, or as your master of ceremonies / emcee.

He can be hired via your favorite speakers bureau or directly at / 512-970-0398