Opening Keynote Speaker

Opening Keynote Speaker - Thom Singer. Set the tone for your conference with an engaging speaker.

Opening Keynote Speaker with High Energy

Thom Singer is a high-energy opening keynote speaker who will kick off your corporate or association conference. He brings the right mix of powerful content and motivation to inspire your audience. In addition, Thom will stick around and engage with event participants to make sure they are ready for the best conference ever. The person who delivers your keynote address should do more than simply speak for an hour. They should be a partner in creating a great experience.

Keynote speakers set the tone for live events. In selecting Thom as your opening keynote speaker, you will not be disappointed. Above all he is a passionate storyteller who understands how to deliver meaningful content. He will customize his interactive keynote address for any size conference.

Meetings need speakers who work hard to understand the goals and purpose of the conference. Being part of the meetings industry is clearly one of Thom’s true passions.  He is committed to being a great opening keynote speaker.

Singer has presented at major industry associations, global brands, and entrepreneurial ventures. His unique and engaging speaking style encourages all in attendance to become more active in all aspects of the convention.

Opening Keynote Speaker With Immediate Action Tips

His most popular conference opening keynote talk is “Connecting With People In A Gadget-Crazed World”. This presentation is about more than networking. It is a guidepost navigation on how to go beyond the digital and social media likes, links, shares, and follows. As an opening keynote speaker he gets the show started and creates a culture for better connecting at the event.

As a popular networking speaker, Thom takes on the opening keynote spot on your agenda and transforms it not a road map that guides everyone to having a better conference.

When attendees put his tips into action while onsite at your event, it changes the convention experience. People make their decisions to attend live events with the goal of networking, but usually they spend too much time with their old friends and co-workers. Thom changes all that in his opening keynote address by giving people the permission to put away their electronics and engage with other attendees.

Have you ever imagined an event where the people were excited to meet others and all understood exactly how to get conversations started? That is what happens when you choose Thom Singer for the opening keynote speaker at the first morning main stage general session.

More Than A Keynote

Bring the “Conference Catalyst” to your meeting. When Thom is your opening keynote speaker the culture of the meeting becomes all about connections. Participants get excited to talk more with the other attendees, speakers, and vendors.

Beyond doing simply one speech, Thom Singer can be engaged throughout your conference. If you hire him as “The Conference Catalyst” he is doing more than just one speech. He can be continue to be utilized each morning to kick off the day’s activities and serve as the Master of Ceremonies for the whole week.

As Your Opening Keynote Speaker, Thom Singer will:

Bring the right level of energy

Tell engaging stories that engage your audience

Encourage and inspire participants

Customize the interactions with the audience

Set up the other keynotes speakers and breakout leaders

Deliver tools and tips that people can immediate put into action

Get to know your audience and conference planning staff

In addition to being the opening keynote speaker for the general session, Thom is also a good choice for the closing keynote speaker, as the master of ceremonies / emcee, or as a breakout / workshop leader.

Want to get creative with your opening keynote? Rather than a traditional keynote are you interested in tapping into the brilliance of your attendees? Thom will play with your conference planning committee to design a unique program.  Check out this article in Meeting Professional Magazine for a fresh idea.

Make your next event memorable by bringing Thom Singer to the meeting to give a keynote address. Thom can be booked through your favorite speakers bureau or direct at / (512) 970-0398

*** Thom Singer has lived in Austin for over 27 years and is one of the most active opening keynote speakers in the Central Texas and beyond.