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The Best Speakers

The right keynote speaker for your event is the key to a successful conference. Thom Singer might be the best event speaker if you are seeking a way to get people more engaged and to capitalize on the potential of your meeting. The best speakers are not always the most famous, but instead those who connect well with the planning committee and the participants.

As a motivational speaker, Thom knows that it is his job to set the tone for the whole event. The opening keynote speaker has a wide range of responsibilities beyond just delivering a talk. Most author / speakers are fine, and will share useful information. However, few will stay around all day and participate as part of your event.

The Conference Catalyst

Audiences like to engage with event speakers, but most have a unique ability to get to the airport within thirty minutes of saying “Thank You Very Much”. Thom Singer decided early on that the speaker’s role starts before he or she is introduced, and lasts beyond the standing ovations. Thus he created his “Conference Catalyst” program where he can be weaved in as the event emcee, or in other ways, to keep the momentum of his keynote going throughout the event.

Speakers Are Not A Commodity Item

All the event speakers you will use for your event matter. From the plenary speaker who kicks off the conference, to each break out presenter, to the closing keynote speaker – who you select to share ideas will have a lasting impact on all of your participants. People attend meetings to learn and to network, and all who are on your agenda should find a way to promote both of these goals.

No two speakers are the same. While you may want a “leadership speaker”, what that means is vague. You need to go beyond filling slots in the agenda, and discover professional speakers (or industry experts) that have put the audience first.

The Type Of Speaker

No single event speaker is right for every type of event. Sometimes you will find a person who is an expert on a topic, but their experience as a speaker, or their presentation style, is not on par with your need. Do not settle. When selecting speakers for your event, be sure you have done your homework.

One of the best ways to identify the types of speakers who are a good match for your conference is to ask others. Start with meeting planners who host similar types of events. But a better way is to inquire from other speakers. Those who speak often are actually very tuned into who else speaks at events. They know the difference between good and great. And best of all is those who have worked with you in the past understand your audience.

Longevity In The Meetings Industry

Bestselling authors and other celebrities tend top the list of busiest speakers year over year, but few have longevity. The best event speakers are often those who have been presenting for a while.

Look at the list of the National Speakers Association CSP’s (Certified Speaking Professional). To earn this designation one must have been working as a professional event speaker for over five years (and earning money). While this alone is not proof of their abilities on stage, it is a great starting place. There are currently about 1000 CSP’s in the world.

Bring Back Your Best Event Speaker

Another idea that is popular is to look back at the speakers who did the best job at your event more than three years ago, and revisit the idea of having them back on your stage. The best event speakers are always working on new content. After three years many of the people who attend your event will be new, and the repeat participants will not remember the details of the presentation.

By having a speaker come back, you have piece of mind about what they will deliver. Repeating speakers also work hard to customize fresh material, as they understand you do not want the same thing they gave you before.

Create A Short List

When looking for a great event speaker, create a short list of about three or four speakers you want to consider. Do not rely on their website or speaker video. Have a phone call with the speaker and talk about your needs for your event. If they will not talk with you, add others to the list and move on. Be sure you are clear in your goals to find a speaker and do not settle for less than the right match.

By getting a speaker on the phone you will learn more about their personality and figure out their commitment to serving your audience before, during, and after your event.

Thom Singer, CSP is a keynote speaker and professional master of ceremonies / EmCee. He can be booked directly or via your favorite speakers bureau.