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The Perfect Speaker

When you are trying to find the perfect speaker for your event, the pressure is real. Keynote speakers set the tone for the whole event. There is a real need to make sure that you discover a list of professional speakers who will “wow” your audience. To find a speaker you have to be proactive.

For the past decade I have worked as a motivational speaker and professional master of ceremonies. But I am more than an event speaker. I am an active participant in the meetings industry. Live events rock. It is in these face-to-face conferences where opportunities happen.

Types of Speakers

If you are looking to find a speaker, you have to be very clear on the purpose of that role. There are many different types of speakers you can choose from and the right fit is key to success. A speaker who is perfect for a sales kick-off meeting might not be the right fit for a scientific think tank.

Types of Speakers:

Yes – You Want A Motivational Speaker

Be very clear as to what you expect your speaker to do. There is often confusion around the idea of a “motivational speaker”. Some claim they do not want motivation, but I worry about what that means. When looking to find a speaker remember that motivation matters. All speakers should be “motivational speakers”, as the opposite of motivation is NOT what you are seeking (I am assuming you do not want a speaker that is de-motivating).

The job of a speaker is to get the audience to accept an idea, feel challenged or inspired to action, all while educating and entertaining. Nobody wants to sit and listen to good information while being bored to death. It is never too much to ask a speaker to be both smart and a good presenter.

Three Tips To Find A Speaker

When choosing a speaker, the best idea is to create a “Short List” of three or four potential options. Once you have some options, be sure to interview each speaker on the phone and find out about their style, personality, and what they do to help you create an amazing experience.

Find a Speaker Tip #1 – Ask other event planners for suggestions. Make contact with other people who plan events for companies or associations that are similar to you. Ask them about the topics and speakers that have resonated at their events. About 70% of my speaking comes from referrals from one planner to another.

Find a Speaker Tip #2 – Ask your past speakers. Some of the best referrals come from other speakers who have worked with your organization in the past. When I work with an organization I get a good idea of what their audience will enjoy, and I can make pointed referrals. Many of my speaking engagements come from these types of referrals and I am always willing to introduce anyone to my list or recommended professional speakers.

Find a Speaker Tip #3 – Work with a speakers bureau. A speakers bureau is a business that exists to help meeting professionals match up with qualified speakers. They are always sourcing speakers and will help you find a speaker who will be a good match for your event.


Thom Singer is a funny keynote speaker and event emcee. He is the host of the entrepreneur podcastCool Things Entrepreneurs Do” and the author of 12 books. Thom will work with your to customize a positive experience for your conference participants. He talks about human engagement and how a company can manage potential. He is known as “The Conference Catalyst” as his goal is to change the culture of all events where he speaks.