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Recommended Professional Speakers:

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Discover Popular Motivational Professional Speakers

Selecting the right professional speaker (or professional speakers) is one of the most important tasks that an event organizer and / or planning committee will do in producing an amazing live event. Keynote speakers set the tone for the whole conference and there is more to a great presentation than filling slots on the agenda.  Finding popular motivational speakers who will deliver the “wow” on stage is key to the success of a conference. This page has some great recommended professional speakers and all of them are amazing. 

Creating a strong “short list” of potential presenters is the first step in discovering the best fit for your meeting. But knowing where to start is key to getting the right list. 

There are all kinds of professional speakers that are needed for events. No two meetings are the same. A speaker is not a commodity and you cannot judge a speaker by topic alone.  

Types of speakers:

What is Popular?

When people think about hiring a popular motivational speaker they usually think of celebrities, because those are who we see in the media. Names of motivational authors and others with fame come to mind: Oprah Winfrey, Les Brown, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Robin Sharma, Suze Orman, Jim Rohn, Eric Thomas, Brian Tracy and countless others are the first on the list.

Yet those who I would consider the top 10 motivational speakers in the world are not those whom are known to everyone. The best professional speakers inspire people to be more and do more. It is not about having an IMBD page or a best-selling books. So look beyond fame and find amazing leaders who will create a memorable experience. 

Thom Singer’s Recommendations

The world of professional speakers is more than a job to Thom Singer, CSP.  The meetings business is his life-long passion. Having attended hundreds of conferences over thirty years, and having worked as a professional speaker for more than 600 meetings, he has developed an eye for speakers that can captivate an audience while providing powerful content.

Yes, Thom Singer wants every meeting planner to hire HIM as a speaker for their events.  He is an experienced association and corporate speaker with over 800 presentations. However, he also knows that he is not always the right fit for every conference audience.  Additionally, after serving a convention audience as their keynote speaker he is aware the hosting company or association will have another event the following year, and most likely they want variety in their speaker line-up.  Thus, Thom as made it his goal to not only promote himself, but to assist meeting organizers identify other great speakers.

Below is a list of recommended professional and popular motivational speakers who are amazing on-stage and off.  This list is always growing, so check back often to find inspiring speakers who will make your next event spectacular. (Click on name to visit their website).

Popular Motivational Speakers

Thom Singer, CSP – Human Connection and Event Engagement

Jessica Pettitt, CSP – Diversity / Hard Conversations

Gerry O’Brion, CSP- Branding Expert

Eliz Greene – Stress Management

Manley Feinberg, CSP- Leadership / Adventurer

Crystal Washington,CSP – Technology / Futurist

Patrick Henry, CSP – Team Building / Customer Service

Jon Petz, CSP- Peak Performance

Laurie Guest, CSP- Customer Service

Maura Thomas, CSP – Attention Management / Time Management

Sara Canaday – Leadership

Ron J West – Leading Teams

Lisa Ryan, CSP – Retention Expert

Jim Pancero, CSP / CPAE  – Sales / Sales Training

Patti DeNucci – Networking

Elaine Pasqua, CSP – Workplace Culture and Performance

Scott Shellstrom – Creativity

Ed Rigsbee, CSP / CAE – Association Expert

Jim Cathcart, CSP / CPAE – Sales and Leadership

Scott Carley – Take Action / Productivity

Kenneth Kinney – Marketing Strategy

Carolyn Strauss, CSP – EmCee

Dale Irvin – Professional Summarizer

*All of the above professional speakers are people Thom knows personally and in most cases has seen them speak. He created this list because one of the best ways to find speakers is to ask other speakers. These people are will always deliver a professional level presentation every time.

In your search to discover the right professional speaker for your event, feel free to call Thom Singer to brainstorm ideas (512-970-0398). He hopes you will put him on your short list of those you are considering, but if he is not the right fit, he still wants to help you find the best speakers for your event.  Thom knows dozens of other popular speakers and is very good at helping planners determine what they are looking for to “wow” their meeting participants. While he likes to share ideas because he realizes that a great meeting needs great professional speakers.

All of these recommended professional speakers are great on stage and easy to work with before, during, and after your event. If you know some other professional speaker / motivational speaker who should be included in this list, reach out and let me know.