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Corporate Speaker Thom Singer Sets The Tone For Better Events!

Corporate Speaker Thom Singer

If you are seeking a unique keynote experience for your next corporate event, look no further.  The right corporate speaker can transform your meeting. When selecting the right person to motivate your team, look beyond the celebrity speakers and cookie cutter presentations.  Engage Thom Singer to be the catalyst hit the “rest button” in your people.

Corporate events are about more than ballrooms and unlimited coffee. Many people find these gatherings to be dull. A boring corporate meeting leaves everyone involved believing their day out of the office was wasted. Time is something they will never recover. To make sure your meeting is on point your need a corporate speaker who can do more than share an idea. The best meetings always have great speakers.

Peak Performance

Your company’s peak performers deserve more. One of the most important steps you will take to ensure participants take action is to hire the right keynote speakers. The speakers set the tone for the whole meeting, and when the presentations are aligned with the desired meeting outcomes, the whole conference can be a success. Your strongest employees do not want to wast their time in meeting. Those who achieve peak performance need to have a meeting with fresh ideas.  They want to be challenged.

Thom Singer has more than 25 years of corporate business experience working for law firms, financial services, and consulting firms. Over the past decade he has been a full-time motivational speaker. His talks are more than motivational, but are built with the results in mind and he has a commitment to being the speaker with his sights set on the importance of the meeting attendee’s experience.

As a corporate speaker he has worked with some of the top thought leaders, bestselling authors, and motivational speakers in the areas of human engagement and employee performance. As a top business speaker he has traveled North America and beyond working with business and association audiences sharing his content with a high-energy and somewhat unique interactive presentation style.

The “Why” and “Because” of Your Speaker

Business speakers come in many different forms. Knowing the “why” a speaker has gotten into this crazy career, and how they view the meeting industry is important. But is the “why” enough?  Speaker and author Gerry O’Brion says that clients care more about the “Because” than the “Why”.  For years Thom has had a page on his website titled “What I believe” ( that openly shares his motivation behind being a corporate speaker. His “Because” is about a strong desire to help people achieve.

Some corporate speakers approach a business audience as a transaction, and one of their best skills is getting to the airport within 15 minutes of saying “Thank You Very Much”. But Singer is highly focused on the experience he brings to the audience before, during, and after his keynote speech. He is dedicated to the whole of the corporate event, and as your corporate speaker he will stay throughout the day and engage with the business professionals who are participating in the meeting.


Thom Singer is an inspirational speaker who will customize the content in any presentation to match the needs of the audience. As your corporate speaker he is a partner in the success of your event.

The Paradox of Potential

Having “high potential” does not mean performing at maximum capability. While many believe they are doing all they can, a huge number of professionals are frustrated because they are coming up short of their personal expectations (and the expectations of others). Beyond excuses and finger pointing, this interactive presentation gets to the heart of how people can accomplish more and enjoy their work. As more organizations focus on the “future of work”, this is about more than telecommuting and stand up desks. Get your audience excited about goal setting, realistic assessments, teamwork, successful human engagement, cross-selling, and other skills to help everyone reach their highest potential.

In Real Life: Connecting With People in a Gadget Crazed World

There is more to creating business relationships than a “like”, “link”, “share” or “follow”. While the popular social media tools can make it seem like we have countless friends and business associates, it is real human engagement that leads to opportunity. This program is designed as an opening keynote and will bring the audience focus back to the basics on establishing connections that will lead to more success in business, sales, and life. Make your event a human laboratory for connecting. Most corporate speakers deliver content, Thom Singer weaves his message into your event.

Cooperative Significance: Being an Influential Leader at Work (and Beyond)

Most people want to feel significant: at home, at work, in their community, etc…. But you cannot feel significant alone in a field. You need others. A person can fake success, but they cannot fake significance. Discovering what is important and interesting to other people is more important now than ever before. This program is designed to educate and inspire anyone to make relationships a priority while learning lead and influence others.


Purposefully Prepared: How To Recession-Proof Your Career

If a recession is coming (and many experts predict it will arrive sooner than later), then people need to be preparing now. To wait to take specific actions until after an economic downturn on the scale of 2008 will leave many people scrambling. The path to navigating any economic situation is found in three buckets: Plans, Purpose and People. You need to dig your well before you are thirsty if you want to be prepared for what could be ahead. This interactive presentation will get each audience member to look at their personal situation and think about real things they can do that day to impact their careers in case of economic turbulence.

The ABCs of Sales: Sell More Than Your Competition

This is the message your competitor does not want your people to hear. In our social media dependent society, too many sales professionals are forgoing personal contact for the ease and safety of email and online communication. Those who are winning more business are not hiding behind online “social selling”, but instead are putting the “social” back in selling! All opportunities come from people, and getting face-to-face with clients, prospects and others makes a real difference.

Being Entrepreneurial Inside The Company

Surveys show that managers have a desire for their employees to take ownership in their careers and to think outside the box. However those working inside companies believe their bosses do not empower them to make independent decisions or share suggestions on how to improve the organization. In writing his popular book, The ABCs of Entrepreneurs, Thom Singer discovered that the traits we admire in entrepreneurs are similar to what makes for great employees. This workshop is an interactive discussion about how everyone can behave as an “intrapreneur” and help their company find more success.

Destination Results (A Dynamic Interactive Closing Keynote)
The final session of a conference is paramount to the lasting impression of the event. Leave your audience with an interactive discussion about the high-level learning and community participation that they encountered over the previous days. Put Thom Singer in control of wrapping up your conference as a corporate speaker who weaves a message of how to keep the conversations going once everyone returns to their offices and daily routines. Learning without action is just lecture. Networking without follow up is just a party. Your conference was more than fluff; make sure each person has a road map for implementation of success.

Everything I Need To Know I Learned On A Television Game Show

In his youth and early adult years, Thom Singer was not only a contestant on one game show, but two. Appearing on Bob Barker’s Truth or Consequences as a young boy, and later as a five day returning champion on Dick Clark’s The $25,000 Pyramid while in college, he learned some interesting lessons about life, sales, communication, and dealing with people. If you desire quality information delivered with engaging stories and a lot of laughs, this is the keynote for your meeting.

Prepare to Negotiate Anywhere

We all negotiate every day, but we are often not prepared to make the best decisions that allow everyone to walk away happy with the deal. Many people are nervous about negotiating and they allow this fear to keep them from making the deal, or they give away too much. If one party feels they did not get a fair agreement, then it was not the right deal. Knowing when to negotiate and being committed to what you can and cannot give up in the process is key to successful negotiations. Whether your organization needs to increase sales, resolve disputes, improve customer service, or gain commitment on a contract, everyone needs to be a successful negotiator.


Part of the Event Business

As a corporate speaker, Thom Singer is dedicated to the Meetings Industry. He has volunteered to host or EmCee many events for the event business. He writes regularly for Meeting Professional Magazine, and has spoken at conferences at national and chapter levels for MPI, PCMA, DMAI, and ASAE. Thom works hard to get other speakers to focus on their commitment to overall success of conferences.

When planning your next corporate event, look to select a corporate speaker who will be your partner from the earliest stages. Get Thom (or any speaker you select) to help you by sharing their best practices. Experienced speakers have participated in hundreds of business events, and they should be willing to help you identify ways to improve the event attendee experience. Ask your speakers for introductions to other speakers for your other keynote sessions and your breakouts.

Thom Singer wants to be a resource to assist you in creating a memorable conference beyond his keynote speech. Even if Thom is not the right fit for your meeting, he is willing to talk with you via phone to share ideas. Call today to schedule your “Conference Speaker Review”.  He knows hundreds of experienced speakers who have the top level of experience in serving corporate clients at events both large and small.

Here’s to your best meeting ever!

If you are seeking a dynamic corporate speaker Thom Singer can be booked through your favorite speakers bureau or directly at or 512-970-0398.

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PS- Thom Singer wants to be the corporate speaker that you select for your next meeting. He is committed to customizing his presentation to ensure you team is challenged to do more. If you are planning a corporate training program, call today.