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Corporate training programs need to have powerful content, but too many are boring and painful. On paper the idea of management system training or compliance training looks good, and the human resource box can be checked. However, if the training solution is dull and people hate the program, then it was not really useful. Performance and results are the key to corporate training that has impact.

Productivity Training vs Performance

Productivity is something many people are seeking. But productivity without results is called spinning your wheels. Too many employees appear busy, but are they getting things done? Busy is a faux badge of honor. People hide behind busy to appear successful. Yet performance is where the work happens.

One recent CEO who witnessed Thom Singer’s corporate training message said “You hit a reset button in my most difficult employee”.  That is what should happen with business education classes.

Corporate Training For Your Team

Thom Singer spent many years speaking on large stages to big association and corporate audiences. However in 2017 he began a multi-year ongoing study of workplace potential (for individuals and teams). The findings became a new keynote, But unlike all his motivational speeches, this topic created a stir of people asking for more. CEOs and other business leaders began requesting corporate training on the topic of real performance. Small and mid-sized companies wanted their teams to hear his real world findings about the gap between potential and performance.

He began delivering corporate training programs to groups of all sizes. This changed his business focus, but helped him reach people directly and impact the culture each workplace.

Obtain the Possible: The Paradox of Potential

Having “high potential” does not mean performing at maximum capability. There are many employees with potential, but are they achieving it? While many believe they are doing all they can, a huge number of professionals are frustrated because they and their teams are coming up short of expectations. Some have become paralyzed from taking risks by the fear of failure, while others are not sure what is holding them back.

Thom Singer has surveyed hundreds of people and the feedback is stunning that the majority of people are confident they should be having greater success in their career. Companies in all sectors have employees who have reached a plateau or have become stuck in the “high middle”. There is a very real gap between potential and performance, and this corporate training program show everyone paths to doing more at any stage of their career.

Real World Solutions

Beyond excuses and finger pointing, this interactive presentation gets to the heart of how people view their potential and ways to accomplish more while enjoying their work.

For decades companies have been identifying and holding special corporate training their “high potential” employees, but these individuals are not always growing into the organization’s future leaders. There is a clear paradox around potential.

The “future of work” is about more than telecommuting and stand up desks. Finding ways to embrace passion, plans and the people around you is key to long term success. Those who are focused on goal setting, realistic assessments, teamwork, successful human engagement, cross-selling, and other skills will help their company reach the highest potential and be more fulfilled in their jobs.

This gap is true for individuals and organizations. It is common to see a startup or established company with high levels of potential, only to later witness it being shut down. While it is not possible to achieve full potential (as once you get there, new opportunities will appear that create more opportunity), the constant struggle to bridge the gap will not happen by accident. Nobody should be comfortable relying on luck as the answer to their future.

Keep The Conversation Going

Thom Singer works with companies to customize the ongoing or blended learning options. This program can be followed up with ongoing short videos delivered to email or live webinars to keep the conversation going long after the live corporate training session is over.

Too many corporate training programs have no way to employees focused on the topics. While this is not right for every company, Thom is open to finding customized and unique ways to make this happen if it is of interest to the participants.

Turn Your Corporate Training Into High Level Networking

Thom Singer has ideas to make this happen for companies of all sizes – regardless of budget.

The “Combined Corporate Training Program” is something Thom invented for a small accounting firm that could not afford the corporate training fee. He encouraged the client to find a nearby law firm and a bank, all who had needs to educate and motivate their employees. The three companies brought all their people together for a 3 hour workshop. They shared the costs, and followed the training with a networking happy hour. This not only allowed them to provide high-level corporate training, but helped their teams make meaningful connections.

Thom Singer is an experienced corporate speaker and the author of 12 books. He is the host of the popular “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” podcast. If you are looking for a corporate training program with actionable content and a world-class level speaker, call today (512) 970-0398

As of Q3 2019 Thom Singer’s corporate training program “Obtain the Possible: The Paradox of Potential” has been approved by Vistage.  Thom is excited to be a Vistage speaker and bring this message to the members of this group. Vistage is a group that Thom has recommended to many of his clients and friends, and to be a speaker for this organization is a wonderful opportunity for him to serve entrepreneurs.