Inspirational Speakers Create Memorable Events

(Update – I recently spent the weekend with a group of inspirational speakers discussing the meetings industry, what makes a good speaker, how to connect with the most entrepreneurial meeting planners, and ways to engage an audience. All of us in this “Mastermind Meeting” had been professional speakers for over a decade, and yet we are still looking at ways to improve our skills on stage.  There was a deep desire to lead the industry and not just show up and be a “Sage on Stage”).

The first word of “Inspirational Speakers” is key – “Inspirational”. While most speakers have some content, if they cannot connect to your audience, then you might have well given them a book to read. the job of the speaker is to inspire while at the same time educating and entertaining a diverse audience of people who all come from countless backgrounds and experiences. In today’s world you cannot just hire any speaker.

Inspirational speakers - Motivational Speaker Thom Singer -

An experienced inspirational speaker brings upfront preparation and combines it with on-site spontaneity.

Seeking A Great Inspirational Speaker?

Welcome to  If you are seeking an inspirational speaker for your next live event, contact Thom Singer today. An in a short call together you can discover if he should be on the short list of inspirational speakers you consider for your next event. He is an experienced keynote speaker who has delivered talks to over 850 audiences. Please visit the homepage of this site and review his topics and watch his videos. (Including his TEDx Talk, “The Art of Giving Small”).

Thom is on a crusade to stop boring meetings. When an inspirational speaker brings strong content and an exciting interactive presentation style, the whole vibe of the conference is elevated.

Find The Right Speakers

When planning a corporate or association conference the speakers matter. Selection of the right inspirational speakers is among the most important decisions you and your committee will make. While content matters, it is the way the inspirational speaker delivers that content that matters.  Otherwise we could skip the conference and email a white paper to everyone. 

Yes, the venue is important and the food should be world class. The high-level learning for the breakout sessions should be thought provoking. But the motivational speakers who kick off hour general sessions have the power to impact everything. The inspirational message of your general session speakers has to resonate with the audience. 

Keynote speakers set the tone for the whole conference. Their inspiring stories and action-oriented content are the thread that connects everyone in attendance.  Shared experiences are how people build relationships and solidify memories, and the general sessions are the place this happens at live events.

The best motivational speakers in the world bring the inspirational content, and no matter how many changes are happening in the meetings industry, there will always be a need to have inspiring people on your agenda.

Are Speakers Worth Their Fee?

Sometimes people try to roll their eyes at the idea of motivational speaker. They act as if they are beyond that kind of program and question the costs. Choices are made to get industry leaders who are less expensive (or free) to headline their events with the purpose of saving budget dollars. This reasoning is not in line with the needs of the audience. It is true that the top motivational speakers in the world cost a lot of money to have them speak at a conference. But because you cannot afford Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Oprah Winfrey, or Amy Purdy does not mean you should skip having a great motivator at your conference.  

Some non- profit organizations and many companies think they can fill in the agenda with any board members or other industry experts. They assume if the person is smart, or has done something cool, that their information will stand alone. That may be true for the breakout sessions, but usually the conference participants expect more in the general sessions. 

A great speaker can make the meeting memorable

If your meetings are boring, the attendance goes down. This is true of the percentage that show up for the plenary sessions and the overall conference. A reputation for amazing programs keeps people coming back. Hiring inspirational speakers is the best investment for the future of you event.

Motivational speaking sometimes gets a bad wrap. Many who grew up watching Chris Farley’s portrayal of “Matt Foley – Motivational Speaker” on Saturday Night LIve (in the 1990s) think that inspirational speakers are frauds. But most are just the opposite. Speaking at the level needed to captivate a large audience is not for those who live in a van down by the river.

Thom Singer learned about the world of inspirational speakers watching Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, and Harvey Mackay. These speaking industry legends knew how to blend life changing content and personal stories,  They were the perfect examples of how inspirational speakers can have impact. Decades later people remember the time they heard that one message, delivered by a great inspirational speaker, that changed their life.

In today’s world the ability to speak and inspire is more important than ever before.

After ten years as an inspirational keynote speaker, Thom Singer is committed to serving association and corporate audiences. He has delivered over 800 professional presentations and worked with clients across industry lines.  

Thom is known as “The Conference Catalyst” for how he blends his content with actions that people can take while at the event to help them reach their career potential and meet more people who are present in the audience.

Thom Singer is an author and speaker who has a storytellers soul. While he is not famous like some of the top motivational speakers in the world (the ones mentioned above), he is committed to making sure that every talk is customized to the specific needs of each group. Being a corporate speaker is a huge honor, and Thom knows he is fortunate to work with amazing clients.

Inspiring people to take action is his favorite part of working as a speaker. People come to live events for many different reasons, and Thom makes sure, as either the keynote speaker or the master of ceremonies / emcee, that he has something for everyone in each speech.

Assistance In Finding Inspirational Speakers

In addition to his own speaking services, Thom is always willing to help meeting organizers vet ideas for other speakers. Finding the right group of speakers, who meet with each organizations individual budget, is paramount to the success of their events. Thom Singer learned long ago that one of the best ways to serve his meeting planner clients was to always be available to brainstorm ideas for those who can weave the most inspiring stories into powerful messages that move audiences to action.

After every event (when he is booked directly), he offers up suggestions for other keynote speakers that clients can utilize for future events.  Thom knows he is not the right fit for every conference. That is cool. But he wants every audience to have great inspirational speakers (as the opposite of inspiration is NOT what you want at your event).

How Can Thom Singer Inspire Your Audience?

Thom’s signature talk “Connecting with People in a Gadget-Crazed World” is a back to basics look at how we build human connections in a business climate where too many people think a like, link, share or follow is all you need for business success.  Thom inspires people to return to “networking”, and proves that all opportunities in life come from people, so how we engage with others is the ticket to success.

“The Paradox of Potential” is Thom Singer’s most requested program. Most managers know that their team has potential, but if there is a gap between the potential and results, it can be frustrating for everyone. This presentation re-frames the conversation around potential and gets each individual excited to move ahead.

“The Conference Catalyst” is for events where the participants could all find more success if they were to make better connections on site at the conference. People attend live events to network, but once registered they often spend all their time with existing friends and co-workers. Thom inspires attendees to talk more to each other, and thus changes the culture of the whole event.

Have you seen Thom’s TEDx Talk (oh yes, inspirational speakers do TEDx Talks) – “The Art of Giving Small”.

New Keynote from Thom Singer / Inspirational Speaker

Thom Singer has recently created two new keynote talks. Both of these came from customization projects for other clients, but the results are the some of the most powerful impact in his career as an inspirational speaker. In having studied hundreds of inspirational speakers over twenty years, Thom is excited when he can create an atmosphere at a conference where people are touched in their soul.  Ask Thom for more information about “Give, Gain, Grow” and “Communicating with Purpose”.


If you are seeking an inspirational speaker that will captivate your audience and get them to engage more with people while present at the event, then you need to have a conversation with Thom Singer:  Motivational keynote speaker and master of ceremonies / emcee

He is available for large association conferences and smaller in-house corporate training.

Thom Singer, and other inspirational speakers, can be booked directly or via your favorite speakers bureau.