Manufacturing Keynote Speaker – Thom Singer

Selecting a manufacturing keynote speaker for your upcoming company or association conferences is an important decision. The ideal presentation from a manufacturing keynote speaker must show industry knowledge, but more importantly he or she has to have workforce development information that will have a real impact. A manufacturing event needs a combination of actionable content and a motivational style. Author, entrepreneur, growth leadership speaker, and podcast host Thom Singer is the ideal keynote speaker and / master of ceremonies. His professional and fun personality will create a culture of connections for your event.

Manufacturing Keynote Speaker - Thom Singer

Thom shares his experience through his award winning storytelling abilities and his extensive research into how people in all industries navigate the gap between potential and performance. Everyone gets excited about potential, but in manufacturing (and any industry), potential does not equal results. Thom has manufacturing in his blood, as his great-grandfather was a furniture manufacturer, and the family legacy of the H Lauter Company has always kept his interest in industry on the cutting edge.

As an experienced conference keynote speaker, Thom has presented to many industries. In his role as a manufacturing keynote speaker he has worked with those in the automotive industry, metals, textile industry, technology, etc… Thom even served as the opening keynote speaker and the master of ceremonies for the 2017 NIST MEP National Summit in Denver, Colorado.

Thom’s presentation, “The Paradox of Potential”, focuses on the gap that exists between potential and performance, and is easily customized for any industry and career professionals in the audience. The keynote is interactive and draws on his research and interviews with people at all levels of career success.

The manufacturing industry is paramount to the success of the economies of most nations. In the United States it makes up an important part of the GDP. There is a lot of potential in manufacturing, and as the manufacturing keynote speaker at your conference Thom Singer will inspire everyone to look ahead at a bright future.

Thom will prepare for the event by interviewing the people in your industry and combine what he discovers with his own observational powers. The data and stories he will share on stage will create everyone to lean in and be engaged. Additionally, everyone will be talking about his keynote throughout your event. It is more than inspiration. As the manufacturing keynote speaker he will create people to adjust how they behave at the event and beyond.

He has become obsessed with how his topic, “The Paradox of Potential” can be a staple of workforce development training. The real gap between potential and performance not only keeps individuals and teams from getting their desired results, those who are not performing often leave their jobs. It is better for employers to enhance the individual employee than to have to replace them.

Since no two employees are facing the same internal struggles, most manufacturing keynote speakers fail. There is not one size fits all answer and we cannot simply drive all our people across the gap on a single bus. The conversation must begin with an understanding that some “guru” speaker will never create change without a real understanding and buy in from the people who are on your team.

Thom is ready to show your audience the path across the gap.

In addition to being the opening keynote speaker for your conference, Thom can also step in as the master of ceremonies. His message will be kept top of mind for all three or four days of your conference. He is known as “The Conference Catalyst” as he will also transform how people network and connect while participating in the event. You should have more than a manufacturing keynote speaker who presents and flies away. Hire an engaging speaker / EmCee who will be your partner for the whole conference.

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