Marie White has had a tough journey, but is a thriving entrepreneur. One of her most exciting businesses is Book Overhaul. She helps authors who already have a book turn their project around and re-release their masterpiece. 

Marie was born to write, but it would take one horrific event to send her into full-time writing. 

When her youngest child was abducted, the world felt upside down. Grieving with her husband and older children, she wondered how God could allow this to happen. Yet in the sea of pain, her family witnessed God’s unending love and purpose. 

She began praying for God to show her what to do with her life. His answer to her prayer was a podcast announcement that missionaries were needed. Marie trained and became a missionary with Global Media Outreach. Within the first few months she had spoken with over 300 converts to Christianity in countries all over the world.

Another of the purposes she found was that many people she knew became Christians as adults, and many had never attended Sunday School. That left a gap in their ability to understand sermons that referenced other Bible characters such as Joseph, Moses or Abraham. She started recording a YouTube channel to help new, adult, Christians learn the Bible quickly. Bible Stories for Adults was born. 

Marie started recording with a shaking voice and bad self-videography. As she put it, “I was practically hyperventilating.” She kept the series a secret, but soon her secret project had amassed over half a million views. 

Marie knew that there was more for her to do. She could see God comforting her family, making them stronger, and she began work on a book to teach others some of the things she had learned about God’s goodness. That book became the Amazon best-seller, Ten Day Bible Study.

Through the loss of their child, she watched her family and church grow in ways it could only do through pain. 

Still, she knew that God had more for her to do. She began to see other people’s pain differently and her eyes were opened to high rate of suicide and homelessness within the LGBT community. What could comfort someone who was hurting?

This began her journey into the Bible for verses that would offer comfort, hope and love to those within the LGBT community.

Following a strict set of standards for Biblical accuracy, verses not taken out of context, and translations that conveyed the clearest meaning, God’s Love for LGBTQI was released. 

Marie’s writing had just begun. Her next project was a book for anyone wanting a better life, titled Changing Your Life in Just Ten Days. 

Over 10,000 people have picked up a copy of Changing Your Life in Just Ten Days through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, iBook and Nook. 

Next, Ten Day Bible Study was translated into modern Greek, and began being used by missionaries in Greece. 

Marie’s next project began as a how-to for families trying to survive the loss of a child through abduction, divorce, running away or being taken into foster care. The book evolved into something bigger, as she started to reach out to parents and experts in the field of grief, alienation, loss, reunification and private investigation. 

The result is a comprehensive survival guide for parents with children missing from their life. Strength for Parents of Missing Children: Surviving Divorce, Abduction, Runaways and Foster Care provides insight and direction for hurting parents. 

When she’s not working, Marie enjoys talking to people who are inspiring others.

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