Chris Thompson is a dynamic personality, endurance athlete and CEO of truBrain, a venture-backed neurotechnology startup and developer of the world&rsquo;s first nootropic drink. <br/><br/>He built the company based on productivity, and has a great story about transitioning from a corporate executive position into the world of startups. He is a perfect guest for a show like &quot;Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do&quot;.<br/><br/>Chris discusses his journey and shares amazing tips on entrepreneurship. He’s a true example and disciple of the Lean Startup Methodology coined by Silicon Valley Icon, Eric Ries. Chris started truBrain in an accelerator, assembled a team of neuroscientists, and launched a product in 5 countries all within the first month. truBrain is designed to help provide better focus, increased mental stamina and improved verbal fluency. <br/><br/>Tune into episode 161 to hear about Chris Thompson, truBrain, and his best advice for what you can do to become a strong and driven entrepreneur. <br/><br/>

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