growing a franchise - screenmobile - scott walker

Growing a franchise company is not easy. From the initial launch of a company to hundreds of franchised locations around the country, this is a special entrepreneurial story.

Scott Walker and his family founded Screenmobile in 1980 in their garage in Glendora, California. The Walker family started by converting a tent trailer into the first mobile manufacturing unit for screens. This trailer allowed them to measure, manufacture, and install all of their product offerings on-site at the convenience of the customer.

After completing a few jobs, the Walkers received incredible feedback regarding the speed and quality of the product and service. They quickly realized the potential of this model and began to scale the business, launching franchising in 1984.

After 35 years Screenmobile, has grown to more than 100 franchise owners across the US – and the brand continues to grow into new and existing markets as they pioneer the industry.

Scott has led the Screenmobile Corporation as its CEO and President since 1999. Prior to that, Scott served as the Vice President and spent 18 years as a Service Technician, Support Manager, and Operations Manager.

Check out this episode as Scott shared the story of growing a franchise company.

Check out this episode!


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