Live Your Dream

While at the SXSW Conference in Austin, Texas, Thom Singer had the chance to meet author and speaker Laura Gassner Otting (author of Limitless: How to Ignore Everybody, Carve Your Own Path, and Live Your Best Life).  She started her SXSW presentation with a powerful statement:

“You can’t be happy living someone else’s dream”

Boom.  That stuck in Thom’s mind for the last few days, and when preparing for Episode 440, he knew he had to share this quote and the reasons it resonated with him.

By the way, Laura agreed to be a guest on “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do”, so look for that episode in April 2019.

You Can Live Your Dream

Thom Singer spent most of his career with his “ladder against the wrong wall”.  He was doing a career that he fell into (sales and marketing).  While he was very successful, it was not his dream.  Happiness was not front and center.

Fast forward to today and Thom is a successful professional speaker and podcast host. He is living a life that few people get to live, and he is happy.  Not happy every single minute of every day, but when it comes to his career, he knows how fortunate he is and reminds himself of this daily.

Living your dream is possible – if Thom can become a funny keynote speaker and host of an entrepreneur podcast, you can do whatever you desire.

This episode is a challenge and he point blank asks the question of all listeners; “Are you living your dream?”

Check out this episode and then email or DM Thom about what your career dream is all about.

Check out this episode!


Thom Singer is the host of the CTED podcast.  He is also a motivational keynote speaker and a professional master of ceremonies.  He works with growth focused organizations that are looking to move from potential to performance.