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Master of Ceremonies - Thom Singer. EmCee / Master of Ceremonies / Event Host

Upfront preparation combined with on-site spontaneity – This is what you experience with Thom Singer as your Master of Ceremonies.

Master of Ceremonies for your next event – Thom Singer.

The master of ceremonies sets the tone for a live event. However, too many companies and associations overlook the impact on their conference brought by the person in this role. The EmCee is the host of the show and if they are not 100% engaged and engaging, the attendees will know it. Selecting an interesting master of ceremonies will have a huge impact on everyone who participates in your conference.

From the moment an event starts participants are excited for what will happen. Energy and stage presence are the first keys to an amazing master of ceremonies. But there is so much more involved to making sure that the whole conference runs smoothly. The job of the MC is do do so much more than introduce the speakers.

Depending on the type of event you will seek different types of people to fill the role of master of ceremonies. For a wedding reception you will want someone different than for a tech corporation users conference. A legal industry gathering is very different than a fitness convention. You many want a musician or a comedian, but some groups will need a business professional. You should look to those who have the right background and experience to engage your audience. The decision between a speaker or performance artist is not something to be taken lightly.

Know Your Purpose

Too many business groups (associations and companies) overlook the importance of this role and have a board member or senior staff member / employee act as the master of ceremonies. This is usually done to save money or to give the stage time to this person. Both of those are the wrong reason to select a person to be MC.

If the purpose of your EmCee is to make the event great and to positively influence the attendees, then you will most likely want to look outside your organization and find a professional master of ceremonies. While saving money is great, that is never about the participants.

What Does The MC Do?

Besides introducing speakers and keeping events running smoothly, the job of the MC is serve as the general host of the meeting. The problem with using a team member as the master of ceremonies is they already have a job at the conference.

For a company hosting a customer conference, the director of sales is often asked to fill this role based on gregarious personality. . But the clients already know him, and have opinions (good or otherwise). Plus, if on a break a customer needs his attention he has to watch the clock and run back to kick off the next session.

Associations that put board members on stage often end up with an EmCee who is not great at speaking and really does not want the job of host.

Why Hire A Master of Ceremonies?

It takes a special speaker to be the master of ceremonies. There are a complicated series of skills that must all come together if you want your conference to be memorable. Hollywood award shows all have a host for a reason. While the Academy Awards in 2019 went withouth an MC (following controversy), I doubt that many will remember the “wow” factor of this broadcast. My guess is in the future they will return to having a host.

The Academy Awards actually attempted to go without a host in 1989 and it wasn’t considered a good show. They went back to having a master of ceremonies for a reason. The Oscars broadcasts we remember as the best are the ones when the host was spectacular (think any year with Billy Crystal). Giving out awards is boring and so are most conferences (lets face it), but a strong personality who can serve as a strong thread that runs the through the whole show is paramount to the success.  An article in The Atlantic after the 2019 Oscars pointed out the show was find, but lacked “personality”.  Is that how you want people to think of your event?

Consider Thom Singer as Your Master of Ceremonies

If the role of master of ceremonies is a second tier priority, you may have second tier results. People attend live events for the education and the networking opportunities,and a strong MC will help everyone bridge the gap between those two goals.

Thom Singer has created a unique program called “The Conference Catalyst” that is more than just an MC. Thom brings excitement and real engagement. He sets the tone for a conference where everyone feels welcome and becomes comfortable talking to others.

When participants at a convention make meaningful connections at the event, they are more likely to come back year after year. Thom Singer as your EmCee will get people to engage more and maximize their experience. He keeps the event pace moving and the energy levels high from start to finish.

As the master of ceremonies, Thom can also host your awards dinner, your “Speed Networking” session, a fun “Game Show“, etc…

Objectives of the MC

  • Master of Ceremonies becomes the host of the show
  • Kick off each day with relevant stories and energy
  • Set the tone for more connections between attendees
  • Keep the meeting running on-time and at a good pace
  • Facilitate panels, town hall meetings, and other sessions
  • Interview speakers to help them connect more with participants
  • Be the advocate for everyone
  • Provide advice on how to maximize the networking

Thom Singer is a motivational keynote speaker and professional master of ceremonies.  He works with growth focused organizations who want to get across the gap between potential and performance. Thom is the best choice to be your Event Emcee.

More Than A Master of Ceremonies / EmCee

When you work with Thom Singer you get more than just the person who will host your general sessions. Thom often works as the opening keynote speaker, helping create the atmosphere for the best conference ever. He is also available for breakout session, board facilitation, awards MC, speed networking leader, etc.. . But beyond being the speaker and master of ceremonies role, Thom becomes part of your planning team. He is willing to come to committee meetings (in person or by phone) to help you make plans and create your overall flow of show.

Hear Thom’s advice on The Speaker Lab podcast on how to be a great master of ceremonies / MC

Watch Thom Singer’s speaker video below.

PS – Hiring a master of ceremonies is a very important decision. Thom Singer recommends that you interview two or three candidates and discover how they will partner with the planning committee to ensure the event runs smoothly and meets all the goals and objectives.  The EmCee can change the culture of an event and help get people more engaged in all aspects of the meeting.  People attend live events with a desire to learn, network, and live an experience.  The master of ceremonies needs to be the guide for all participants to ensure they can get involved to the level they desire.