Meeting Facilitator in Austin, TX (Or Any City)

Meeting Facilitator Austin Texas - Thom Singer

Are you seeking a Meeting Facilitator for a business retreat in Austin, Texas or beyond?  While Thom lives in Texas, he speaks and facilitates meetings all across the United States.


Thom Singer’s skills as a professional master of ceremonies / emcee and corporate speaker easily translate to helping facilitate a small group meeting with the goal of keeping your team on point and working toward results.  Your event runs better and you get more results when you hire a professional meeting facilitator.

A meeting facilitator must have experience in working with professionals. Thom Singer has over thirty years in business working for Fortune 500 companies, law firms, and entrepreneurial ventures. Facilitation is all about outcomes, and Thom’s whole business goal has become focused on helping people navigate the gap between potential and performance.  His “Paradox of Potential” content translates from individuals to small groups.

Why Hire a Meeting Facilitator?

Using a facilitator can be the difference between a successful meeting and one that strays into the weeds. Facilitation helps keep people on track.  Participants will feel they were heard, and that all ideas mattered. Smart leaders realize they cannot do everything and that they do not have all the skills in the world.  Meeting facilitation is one of those things that the best organizations regularly outsource.

Team building gatherings, board retreats, or other purpose driven collectives with a group of expert professionals who each has strong opinions and ideas will find their meeting all over the map.  A professional meeting facilitator is a good idea to help keep the dialogue going and to maximize the effectiveness of your next meeting.

Thom Singer will work with your team to ensure the meeting stays on target. His skill is to ensure the agenda is followed and nobody dominates the conversation. When the discussion remains outcome focused – everyone leaves feeling they contributed to the end result.

What You Get With Facilitation

  • Meetings that run on time
  • Strategic planning where everyone feels engaged
  • Focused conversations
  • Exploration of creativity
  • No more boring meetings (energy and fun)

Every meeting is unique, so contact Thom Singer to discover if his meeting facilitation program is the right answer for your next meeting. When selecting a meeting facilitator you need to ensure the person’s experience is congruent with your team. When choosing a facilitator you should interview them to find out their career experience and understand how they became involved in facilitating meetings.



Thom Singer is a funny keynote speaker and professional master of ceremonies.  His meeting facilitation offerings stem from his dedication to help eliminate boring meetings.  Regardless of if the gathering is a large conference (where he is the EmCee) or a board meeting with 15 people, Thom wants to help people and teams navigate the gap between potential and performance.  Look no further – Call today to hire him as your meeting facilitator.