Virtual Speed Networking via Zoom has become something that many groups are looking to add to their online meetings.  But a Zoom call with breakout rooms is not enough. Social skills are like muscles and need to be worked out. Since March 2020 many people have put their networking on hold, and feel more disconnected than ever.  Thom Singer is working with associations and companies to ensure that their human connections are powerful during the quarantine and beyond.  Call Thom now to find out how he can help your meeting be engaging and allow people to make meaningful connections.  

Speed Networking in a virtual world can be amazing, or it can flop.  Do not leave it to chance. Work with a proven networking expert. 

Work with Thom Singer as your EmCee or Opening Keynote Speaker.  He will help you create a Speed Networking Session (or virtual speed networking) that is like no other. Get people engaged and connecting and you will have the Best Conference Ever.

Speed networking at your next event will get people engaged. Show all participants that connections matter. A conference where people meet more people has more potential to impact the career and life of attendees than one where they sit with co-workers and / or look at their phones.  Business relationships are “The Secret Weapon” to career success…. help your conference attendees kick start their networking with great speed networking.
Speed Networking at a conference - Thom Singer. Speed Networking Facilitation

Connect At Live Events With Speed Networking (Or Virtual Speed Networking)

Say yes to “Speed Networking“.  A speed networking session can be the ideal activity to jump start helping people make connections at your next conference. In the past few years I have hosted a number of speed networking sessions at conferences where I was speaking.  The fun and useful connections can change how participants engage at the rest of the conference.

Sometimes meeting planners and event committees are focused only on content. While education is a key reason people attend events, the other main purpose of live conferences is the networking. Prioritizing networking opportunities goes beyond a welcome reception with an open bar. Since one of the main reasons people attend live meetings is to establish industry contacts and establish connections, we need to honor this throughout the meeting. And speed a speed networking session might be the best thing for some people who want to connect, but are shy.

The networking matters. Yet left to chance, over a period of time the ability to engage dwindles fast. Thus many groups add a “Speed Networking” session to their agenda on the first day of the conference. Some people roll their eyes at these speed networking programs, but when done well they will fire up the participants and get them engaged in all aspects of the event. A speed networking session can transform the social aspect of a live event.

Networking Matters

I am a big fan of networking events, as business relationships are the secret weapon for success. Our world is overrun with digital shortcuts. These online and social tools do not really have the same impact as what happens when they really meet more people. A “Speed Networking” program at a conference is a concept that came out of the popular speed dating programs that become popular twenty years ago.  During the time of COVID while we need to make it a virtual speed networking program it matters even more.  People need to connect more than ever.

When people connect with other participants, they have more fun. Speed networking is one way to help people meet. When done right, the speed networking session itself is engaging. People can connect, laugh, and share an experience. There are many ways to engage people in this activity, but you should do it at your next conference.

If the speed networking session at your conference is well done, it super charges all the networking for the rest of the event. Meeting people and establishing the beginnings of ongoing relationships is why people come to conferences. Networking matters. But too many events do not make the networking a high priority. A speed networking program should be considered for all live meetings.

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Get People Talking with Speed Networking

Speed networking (and now virtual speed networking) is a tool to get the participants at your conference to start a conversation. We bring people in a short time period together with others. They will easily with ten or fifteen other attendees. During these meetings they can exchange business cards and talk. This first contact does not mean they are part of each other’s network, but it does give permission to talk more.

Do It Right

Speed networking events can be great, or they can be a huge waste of time. In the online world, virtual speed networking can fill the gaps, or just be a dumb experiences. The difference is in the planning and the facilitation of the program. The amount of time you give each coupled group is just enough to learn the basics. If they want to connect later, they can.

Formulating the agenda for the speed networking takes work for the meeting planner. You must know how many people are going to show up, as you need to have the room set up properly. But most important is the person who will lead the session. Too many organizations just pick a volunteer or assign a staff member, which may or may not be the right choice.

Get Your Keynote Speaker To Run The Speed Networking Program

Hire your keynote speaker or event emcee, if they have an engaging personality, to run the speed networking session. This is a great idea as the audience has seen them present, and will view them as an leader of the event. The Plenary Speaker should always be someone who knows how to set the tone for the event, and if you are choosing a speaker who wants to be a partner with you, then getting them to run an additional setting should be an easy ask.

An experienced event speaker should be able to facilitate a speed networking session. Those that are willing to partner with you should be willing to do something extra (like the speed networking role) without an additional charge if you put it in the agenda near the time of their main talk. At least make the ask. They could be the best answer to running a successful program.

Start The Session With Clear Instructions

The speed networking session should begin with a short explanation of how to network, why to network, and how this form of speed networking will make the whole event better for everyone involved. When I lead these events, I engage my “Conference Catalyst” research and stories as a way to help people buy into why this will be useful if done right. A good facilitator will not just read of the rules, but will get buy in from everyone to be committed to the success of the program.

(Fast Company article on Speed Networking)

Consider Thom Singer To Host Your Event

If you are hosting an event (in-person, hybrid, or virtual), and your participants are hungry for better networking, let’s talk. Beyond the Speed Networking Session I can customize a keynote, pre-note, or serve as the master of ceremonies / event host. As a plenary speaker I work hard to set the tone for getting people engaged. Want to add some fun to the conference or meeting? (Humor in the Workplace – or at a conference – does matter), let me host your “Game Show” to kick off the conference.  For over ten years I have been working as “The Conference Catalyst” and have helped meetings across industry lines develop a culture for better connections. Speed networking facilitation is only part of what I do to make your event all about the people.

Great New Speed Networking Idea

I recently heard about a comedy open mic that was connected to a speed dating event for young 20-somethings. It had a great audience turn out an participation. It got me thinking about how to make corporate speed networking more fun and engaging.  Create a showcase for local comedians – Make sure you seek “Corporate Clean Comedians”. This is important if you are an association or company. Do not just bring in any comics).

Spread their comedy sets into the speed networking evening reception on your open night.  Do this after dinner.  The cost will be minimal. Maybe have light dessert and a cash bar. The fun will be possibly the highlight of your conference.  And the speed networking will mean people will connect.  This is ideal for the night before your event kicks off to help people connect.

Another thing, you may have people attending your conference who are seasoned in stand up comedy and may want to participate in your show.  This could make it even better.

(Do not try this alone if you are not familiar with how to find stand up comedians and vet who is “Corporate Clean”. Do not make your speed networking into some dirty joke off).

Thom Singer is a funny keynote speaker and a professional EmCee. He is the host of the “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” podcast and the author of 12 books. He is the ideal choice if you have a meeting that needs a booster shot in regards to how people network and engage. Thom can speak, facilitate panels, emcee, and facilitate speed networking at a conference.