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Virtual Event Resources – Long before the meetings stopped, Thom Singer was hosting virtual hybrid meetings.  In 2015 he started a program called “The Conference Talk Show” along with Eliz Greene. The pair realized as planners were looking to broadcast their conferences to a remote audience, that there were different challenges and expectations from an at-home audience.

When the pandemic crisis hit in March 2020 and the live meeting business came to a hault, Thom Singer was ready to offer online keynotes, webinars, in-depth interviews, and meeting hosting.

Online Keynotes and Webinars

Virtual Event Resources - Certified Virtual Presenter Thom Singer Thom Singer has offered his programs online as keynotes or workshops for nearly ten years.  He is able to translate the energy he brings to the main stage to a broadcast. He does this because he is aware that speaking from the live stage is not the same as an online program.  Thom talks with the audience, not at them. He translates his commitment to getting people to connect to creating engagement with the people watching via a live steam.

In addition to his two main keynote presentations, Thom also created a new program that is custom designed for the challenges facing everyone in the workforce.  “Social Tightening While Social Distancing” is an interactive discussion about how to stay engaged with co-workers, clients, vendors, family, friends, and others in a world that has to be physically distanced (for now).

In-Depth Interviews

Thom Singer has interviewed over 600 business executives as a popular podcast host of two shows (“Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” and “The Digital Enterprise Society Podcast”).  As every association and company moved their conferences and trainings online, it became clear that not all presentations were created equal.

It was hard enough for professional and experienced speakers to pivot to delivering content online.  For others it was sometimes painful.  Thom knows that a webinar can and should be more than a talking head over PowerPoint.

Thom offers a service to interview thought leaders in a professional and content driven manner that allows the information to be shared in a manner that is interesting and engaging for the audience.

Virtual Event Hosting

Thom Singer has over ten years experiences as a professional master of ceremonies / EmCee.  In the move to virtual meetings, a good host is even more important than for an in-person event. Thom has hosted dozens of meetings (from one hour to eighteen hours) for associations and companies in the last three months alone.

Having a professional EmCee for a meeting not only brings more energy and consistency to the event, but it takes the pressure off the meeting planner should something go wrong with the technology.  The right host will help set the tone for an event that people will remember.

Virtual Conference Brainstorming

Thom Singer likes working in the meetings industry. As the changes arrived he watched and learned from seeing many clients and others host online meetings.  He paid attention to what worked well and what fell flat.  And he is always willing to share ideas (at no charge) with any meeting planner who just wants to brainstorm ideas for an upcoming virtual conference.

Speaker Recommendations

Thom will gladly share ideas for experienced presenters. He is proud to be a virtual event speaker, but realizes he is not the right fit for every meeting. From the start of his speaking career he has made it clear to clients (and others) that he is always willing to share names of other speakers who will “wow” and audience. As we move to more virtual and hybrid events, meeting professionals need speakers who are experienced and easy to work with while planning and executing the event.  Asking Thom is a great way to vet some great professional speakers.

Contact Thom Singer for any virtual event resources and /or ideas at (512) 970-0398 or thom (at)

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