Motivational Speaker Chicago.

Motivational Speaker Chicago - Thom Singer keynote speaker

Thom Singer – Motivational Speaker Chicago – Upfront preparation combined with on-site spontaneity

Motivational Speaker – Chicago:  Are you seeking a dynamic motivational speaker for an event in Chicago, IL ?  Hire Thom Singer to kick off your conference. He is an experienced business motivational speaker who has presented to over 900 audiences. He will inspire and motivate your group and help make your corporate event the best meeting ever! For a keynote speaker in Chicago, he will adapt his content via his “Curated Customization” to ensure you audience walks away saying “best conference ever”.

Thom earned this “Certified Speaking Professional” designation from the National Speakers Association and has been an active member of the meetings industry for eleven years. He takes the role of keynote speaker very seriously and will deliver a memorable presentation that will “wow” your conference participants.

While Thom Singer lives in Austin, Texas, he has made Chicago his second home. Adopting local Chicago as his personal second city came because his daughter and son-in-law have moved to Chicago, and their move to Chicago was the start of his exploration of “The Second City”.  Having visited dozens of times, he has come to know Chicago and is willing to work with event organizers with his “local’ speaking fee. With his daughter remaining in the Windy City, he is always excited to find reasons to come to town.

Great City For Live Events

Chicago, Illinois is a great city for conferences and live events.  The convention and visitors bureau, Choose Chicago, has amazing information for those looking to host their live event in this exciting city. The other great thing about Chicago is their food. OMG, this town is has award winning restaurants and unique cuisine.

Thom Singer has had the pleasure to serve as the motivational speaker for several company and association events in the area. While the city itself is amazing, the people in Chicago are the real value. You will not find nicer people anywhere in the United States.

Finding The Right Motivational Speaker

Having an event in Chicago? Motivational speaker Thom Singer would like to join you and create an atmosphere for better engagement at your conference.  Thom is known as “The Conference Catalyst” for how he sets the tone for more networking and engagement for all the participants.

As you begin your search for the right motivational speaker, look to create a “short list” of three or four speakers whom you will talk to on the phone. Add Thom to that list.  He can be reached at (512)970-0398. If a speaker will not have an informational call with you, move on to others. It is key that you discover how they will engage with your group before, during and after the event.

Some speakers leave for the airport right after they step off stage. But some groups want them to stick around and talk to the meeting participants. Thom loves to get to know your people and have those serendipitous hallway conversations that make live events special. He is willing to spend the whole day at your event, it that is your desire.

Hire Thom Singer

If you are looking for a motivational speaker in Chicago, consider having Thom Singer as part of your event. He is an experience plenary speaker who has presented to over 900 audiences.  Thom also can stay at your event in the role of Master of Ceremonies / EmCee.  He can be booked directly though his website or via your favorite speakers bureau.