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Conference keynote speaker for association and corporate events – Thom Singer.  As a professional speaker, he knows that “Live Events Rock” and as your keynote speaker he will work hard to make you meeting the best conference ever.  Add Thom Singer to your list of prospective keynote speakers to “WOW” your audience. As a conference keynote speaker he will be your partner in creating an engaging experience for your event participants. 
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SPECIAL NOTE – In the time of social distancing, Thom has a virtual keynote about “Social Tightening while Social Distancing”.  A virtual conference keynote speaker was not what people were looking for just weeks ago, but now it is a common inquiry.  Call Thom today for more information.

Selecting a conference keynote speaker is one of the most important decisions that a meeting planner or conference committee will make. Each week there are tens of thousands of presentations made about the United States and beyond. Some will be amazing. They will be memorable. Meeting participants will take actions to change their lives. The keynote speaker will cultivate a culture at the event that will create lasting change. A great keynote speaker is amazing.

While some speakers are great, others will will just be okay. Mediocre presentations are the status quo in the world of business. While nobody complains about a keynote speech that is neither motivational nor inspirational, we have all sat through these talks that are just “Meh”.  Those in the audience always hope for a amazing and inspiring keynote speakers, but often get average talks. An average conference keynote speaker wont ruin a meeting, but audiences deserve more.  You want more as a planner.

Worst of all is that some speakers talks will be a total miss for your audience. The keynote address at some events will fall flat. Public speaking is a skill, and not all speakers are ready from prime time. Others will say the wrong things and offend someone.  When a talk goes poorly, it is painful for the participants and the planners. A keynote speaker who fails can suck the energy out of the whole event.

A speaker with real world business experience and a strong set of presentations skills is what every planner is looking to hire for their keynote. But motivational speakers are similar to artists. The craft is subjective. Some will like a Jackson Pollock painting and others will not. The same is true of conference keynote speakers.

Consider Working With Thom Singer

If you are seeking a funny keynote speaker who also has actionable content, you should have a conversation with Thom Singer. He has over ten years experience as a full-time keynote speaker and professional master of ceremonies.

Thom is dedicated business speaker who works with meeting planners to ensure his message is on point for their audience. He works hard to ensure that his participation in your event will educate and inspire.

He is known as “The Conference Catalyst” for the unique way he engages audiences and gets them to make better connections while at the event, and when they return to the office.

Thom Singer’s Presentations:

“The Gap Between Potential and Performance”. The Paradox of Potential: This interactive presentation is designed to create a focus on how to get across the gap between potential and performance. Both individuals and team are held back by any number of issues. But there are actions that everyone can take to gain more effective results. With this program, as your conference keynote speaker, Thom Singer will get your team to take action that will move them to accomplish more.

“The New Networking: Connecting With People in a Gadget-Crazed World”. For more than ten years Thom has been known as “The Conference Catalyst” for how as a keynote speaker he gets audiences to embrace networking. This keynote focuses on how we all benefit when we get back to the basics of human engagement. While social media is cool, a real business relationships are more than likes, links, shares, and follows. As the conference keynote speaker, Thom Singer will show people how to “See People” beyond their LinkedIn profile.

More Than A Conference Keynote Speaker

In addition to being your conference keynote speaker, Thom Singer can stay involved for the whole conference and serve as the master of ceremonies. A professional EmCee helps give a higher level of professionalism to a corporate or association event.

Not all speakers want to be engaged with participants before, during, and after their keynote. Thom has weaved into his interactive style a commitment to networking with everyone who is part of the meeting.

He is committed to more than a canned keynote. Thom likes to chat with participants about their challenges in regards to his topic, and then weaves their personalized issues into his speech. No matter who you hire as your keynote speaker, ask them to go beyond just delivering a canned talk.  Ask them to become part of your conference planning team.

Interview Your Potential Keynote Speakers

As you consider a conference keynote speaker for you event, be sure you interview them about the issues that are important to you before you sign a contract. If you want them to be active on social media about your conference, be sure you find out their online activity. Never make assumptions about how a speaker will partner with your organization unless you have talked with them in advance.

Want the speaker to write an article for you newsletter? This is a simple request, but one you need to agree to up front.

Is it important to you that the keynote speaker stay for your next meal or happy hour? Get that agreement up front.

You can never ask too many questions! If the speaker is not available for a conversation, do not sign the contract. The best keynote speakers on any topic want to be a partner in creating a memorable experience for your participants.

Thom Singer is a motivational speaker and professional master of ceremonies. He is also the host of the “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” podcast (ask him about having your key people on his show). He can be booked directly at or through your favorite speakers bureau.

A Follow up note from Thom Singer (Keynote Speaker):

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Seeking a conference keynote speaker for your next event? Looking for an opening keynote, closing keynote or after dinner speaker? I would enjoy having a conversation. Finding the right speaker is one of the most important things you will do to insure you conference is a success. I want to be that keynote speaker!

I am not the right fit for every event, but I get excited talking to association and corporate meeting professionals about their upcoming events. It is common that I will share other speaker ideas with you. I want to help point you to several professional speakers if we decide I am not the one for you. Other speakers ask me why I do this? The answer is because I love the meetings business and am honored to have spent more than 10 years as a keynote speaker.  This is bigger than just me.


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