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There has been a recent uptick in people searching “Communication Skills for Lawyers” since the arrival of COVID-19 and the stay at home regulations. Many firms are realizing as we continue to work through the hit to the economy, that they need to start now in planning for the future. Improved communication skills for lawyers will allow the firm to excel in the current situation and beyond.  If your firm thinks presentation and communication skills for lawyers will help grow every practice area, let’s talk today.  (512) 970-0398

When I first started working with lawyers in 2000 I worked with business development and networking training.  Many firms wanted additional training and I started working with individual partners on their communication skills. The idea of “Communications Skills Coaching for Lawyers” was almost unheard of in the legal profession, and to this day there are only a few people who are successful in getting lawyers to change.

Fast forward twenty years and it is more common for lawyers at every stage of their career to seek to maximize their potential with coaching. It is smart to have business development training, communications coaching, and other business skills improvements.

Building Your Book of Business

The practice of law is complicated. You have to be a great technician, but if you are not visible and active in promoting your law practice, you will not have long term success. Additionally, if you cannot communicate your story and that of your firm, you are leaving your reputation to change. If you look at human engagement communications skills as a second tier priorities, you will have second tier results.

If you want to establish a long term growth practice, you need to explore the opportunities that come from communications skills coaching for lawyers. Working with a coach provides everyone with a sounding board to help you stay focused on building your brand.

Who Needs Communications Skills Coaching for Lawyers?

Attorneys in law firms of all sizes can benefit from working with a communications skills coach. I have worked with entire firms and individual lawyers in a variety of practice areas. There is no one size fits all approach. To ensure that each person in your firm understands how to communicate inside and outside the firm, you need to educate them on what is important.

Client relations is a learned skill. Any lawyer, in house, in a firm, or solo are my ideal clients for coaching. I offer one-on-one coaching and group focused interactive workshops. Communications skills for lawyers are not optional. Growing a practice for an attorney requires them to take the reigns of their success plan.

Who I Work With:

  • New partners who need to grow their business
  • Senior partners who need help to regain their footing
  • Senior associates on the partner track
  • Junior associates who realize communication skills will become important down the line
  • Entire practice groups or firms wanting to up their game and develop more business

Having worked with hundreds of lawyers in big law firms and solo practices, I am fully versed in the realities of a legal career. Communications skills coaching for lawyers has become one of my favorite product offerings. Early in my career I worked in marketing and business development roles for two AM LAW 100 firms, and have continued to work with lawyers over the years.

Exploring Human Engagement

The world has changed over the past twenty years. How lawyers and law firms present themselves in their communities has also morphed along the way. Communication skills coaching for lawyers is about finding your voice and connecting with other people in ways the makes sure you are understood.  People have a bad habit of jumping to conclusions about others and never telling them the negative narratives they have written.  If you do not communicate well the other person’s brain will fill in the blanks and it is often negative.  I once lost a deal because the other person interpreted my non-verbal action as disrespectful.  Turn out the other person was the one I admired most in our industry, and she intimidated me.  I said nothing, and she said nothing.  Looking back this miscommunication cost us both tens of thousands of dollars.

You cannot be successful in communicating with potential clients using social media alone. Tweets and LinkedIn are not real communication skills.  In my coaching we will go deep with an exploration about what is real human connection.

Work with Thom Singer – Communication Skills for Lawyers

I have customized some great communication skills for lawyer programs that will work with every budget. Regardless of it is an expense for your firm or an investment you are making in your own practice, I want to make this coaching valuable. Knowing the desired outcomes you are seeking will be the place we start.

Call me today at (512) 970-0398 to discuss a communication skills for lawyers coaching plan. In a 15 minute conversation we will know if there is the right synergy. Following the initial call I will customize a program that will change how you engage in growing your legal practice.

Ask about my special LinkedIn and Website review package.

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