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Law Firm Retreat Speaker – Thom Singer

Law Firm Speaker - Thom Singer

Thom Singer has extensive experience as a law firm speaker at partner retreats, associate training, and legal association events.

Thom spent over 4 years as the director of marketing and business development (for Austin and Dallas) for two AM LAW 100 firms.  During this time he created several programs to get attorneys more engaged in their communities and coached hundreds of lawyers in the art of client development and cross-selling.

After leaving the legal marketing work, Singer went on to become a professional speaker, trainer and the author of 11 books on the power of business relationships, presentations skills, networking, careers, entrepreneurship, and legal marketing.  He specialized in working with attorneys and has a very unique position as a law firm speaker.  While not a lawyer, his time spent inside law firms lead him to a deep understanding of the unique legal environment.

While his presentations are not limited to the legal market, he has a strong affinity for law firms and lawyers.  He has a unique way of relating to the realities of cultivating a life-long practice. He regularly mentors young associates who understand that there is more to a successful legal career than simply doing good work.  The combination of legal skills with building a personal brand is what will develop a large book of business.

Singer challenges large firm lawyers to rethink how they approach cross-selling and will discourage all from sharing internal dysfunctions of their law firm with their law school friends (or anyone outside of their firm).  The concept of positioning a group of lawyers as a “Destination Firm” is one of his signature teachings.  This concept transforms how a group of separate practitioners begin working together toward more success for their whole firm.  And that means more money for everyone.

In 2016 Thom Singer released “The ABCs of Legal Marketing“, and is actively taking this message to law firms that want to change how they think about marketing. The book addresses where lawyers must put their attention to develop new business.  Growing a legal practice can be as easy as A-B-C, but it is the little things you do and the way you treat people that makes the biggest difference in establishing a professional brand. Analyzing your marketing efforts, understanding how others see you, and keeping up with your contacts are just the beginning of the many steps that are involved in promoting a successful career. In this book your team will learn the importance of having marketing goals, the power in joining the right community organizations  and how to ask for referrals.

Thom is a top law firm speaker and will customize his message to meet the them of your retreat. If your firm is seeking a memorable keynote presentation for your meeting, and if you want the conversations to last for years after the event, schedule a discovery call with Thom.

If you are seeking a speaker for a law firm retreat, contact Thom Singer.  He can be booked directly at or (512) 970-0398.