Law Firm Consultant

Advising law firms on how to get more business and grow a reputation is one of my favorite activities. While I am not a full time law firm consultant (and you probably want a more well rounded coach anyway), working with law firms and attorneys is both fun and rewarding.  Yes, working with lawyers if fun. I spent nearly five years as the director of business development and marketing for two AM LAW 100 Law Firms. I consulted with their Austin and Dallas offices, and presented business development training for associates and partners across the firms.

I have been the speaker at dozens of partner retreats (see Law Firm Speaker). Getting attorneys to look closely at the importance of personal and professional brands is key. Too often practice groups compete, and do not understand that the rising tide raises all ships. If you or your fellow lawyers are interested in crossing the gap between potential and performance, we need to talk.  Reach out to me now at or (512)970-0398.

Move Ahead And Grow The Book of Business

Too many lawyers got to where they are because they are smart and worked hard. Those are both good things, but many get frustrated when they see competitors who are not as talented winning business. As a law firm consultant I work hard to change the mindset of attorneys to understand that building a book of business is paramount to success. If you see your firm as having amazing potential, but are lacking results, then it is time to find a coach who will push you to be an entrepreneur.

Lawyer as Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur? Even if you are not a named partner, a career is a lawyer is entrepreneurial. You have to grow your reputation and focus on selling. When I worked inside two law firms it was forbidden to use the “S” word. Attorneys felt they were above the things that mattered to other businesses. A lawyer famously told me “a legal career is not a business, it is a calling to serve”.  Wrong. It is a business.  A calling will not pay the rent.  Paid invoices still matter.  You have a JD, you did not join the priesthood.

If you are reading this page, my assumption is you found yourself on Google seeking the term “LAW FIRM CONSULTANT”.  If you have read this far down the page it is because business development is what you need.  And most likely you need it yesterday.  If you nodded at the headline “Lawyer as Entrepreneur” then we will work well together.

I work with individual lawyers who need a coach, and whole firms who want to hit a rest button on their culture in regards to how to grow a business.

Law Firm Retreat Speaker

A great way to work together is to have me come and be the speaker for your law firm meeting. If after than there is an excitement within your team, then we can discuss my serving as a law firm consultant.  It takes time to grow a culture and get buy in, especially if you have some pig headed partners. But in the world today a grumpy-ass lawyer creates more harm than good.  The world has changed and if you and your firm are not willing to explore the “how and why” to win at sales and business development – then you will forever be stuck in the middle.

When I speak at your partner retreat (or whole firm retreat) I will challenge everyone to think. Many Law Firm Administrators do not want this. They are timid that if challenged, the hard headed lawyers will have a fit. If you agree with this, you and your firm will never grow.  Times change and the past is great. But the future is you have to shake up the status quo.  If after a speech or workshop there is not agreement, then I will help you find another law firm consultant.  There are many who will be a good fit for your firm.


Often I hear from individual lawyers are a small practice group that wants to break free from what is holding them back. They are ready to change and create their own future. If that is you, let’s do it. Together we can discuss your long term goals and combine them with short term actionable tasks that will change the direction of your future.


Thom Singer is a law firm consultant and keynote speaker. He is the host of the Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do podcast. On this show he has interviewed over 400 entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and business leaders. He knows that success leaves clues, and wants to share that with you.